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Mobile phone contract - only until Tuesday: Allnet

By 11 am on January 25, mobile phone contract, a special offer runs through which you can get a tariff with 3 GB LTE data volume as well as telephone and SMS flatmate in the network of Telefonica for only 4.99 euros a month. Normally, the price of the tariff is 7.99 euros a month. Here's the offer: Telephone & SMS-Flat + 3 GB LTE for €4,99 at Mobile You can decide between a tariff option without deployment price and at 24 months minimum term and a second option without minimum term and with a deployment price of 19.99 euros. Regardless of the selected option, the monthly basic price remains permanent with 4.99 euros, a subsequent increase does not exist. How cheap is the tariff offer? We have pointed out on comparison platforms and found no other mobile phone tariff with 3 GB LTE data volume or more, which is permanently equally cheap. Although we came across a tariff, which first costs 4.99 euros per month, here we increase the price but after a year to 10.9

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