Grand Saga Conduct a large update that is the second time! Chapter 7 Release, holding a Christmas event, and delivered a lot of content such as a guild competitive battle prefix!

Pixel Co., Ltd. has notified that a new RPG for cross-platform RPG Gran Saga (Operation: Gameplay Co., Ltd.) was conducted today.

Pixel Co., Ltd. announces that a new RPG for cross-platforms RPG Gran Saga (Operation: Gameplay Co., Ltd.) has been conducted today.

In this update, the release of chapter 7 that will be the continuation of the story, the guild competitive content Tips of the spirit Preseason, and the content of the eyeballs, such as the start of the Christmas event.

In addition, in the emergency live broadcast Gran Saga Information Bureau held on Monday, December 13, we invited Mr. Shibuya, who played Win's Grand weapon Silvano, and snaps is well-received by users We delivered a great excitement such as introduction of photo contest and update content.

Content that looks at the highlight is pushed! Conduct a large update of the second time! !

In the update held on December 14 (Tuesday), you can enjoy the guild competitive war that has already been decided Prim of the Prim of the Spirit Preseason, and you can enjoy the release of chapter 7 and holding a Christmas event. Many contents has been prepared! We introduce some updates below!

※ For details, please refer to the official site announcement page ( /list/1/1).

Chapter 7 release

Chapter 7 Goddess Garden has been released! As the degree of difficulty is also improved, let's ready and challenge it! In addition, we will publish the chapter 7 introduction trailer introduced in live broadcasting at 19:00. Also check this!

チャ Chapter 7 Goddess Garden Introduction Trailer is scheduled to be released at 19 o'clock today!

Guild competitive battle Tip of spirit Presentation holding

▲ [Gran Saga] Content introduction trailer | Trial of spirits

Content Overview

Challenge with Guild Members, Tip of the Spirits defeats the boss that appears for each stage, and the guild ranking is decided based on the amount of points acquired, the first guild competition content is the first guild competition content!

Tip of the spirit king is decided to challenge, and it becomes the content of the season system that takes place for a limited time.

In addition, attributes that become the theme every season are fixed. This time, this time, Wind attribute. All the bosses appearing on the stage will be wind attribute, so let's take measures firmly and challenge!

Christmas event held

Event Overview

Christmas has come to Laguna delivery! The story of the holy night snow falling city Canada is held! Event costumes, event stories and Christmas limited Grandsons, such as Grandson, will be a happy event that can enjoy this winter!

Story event held!

Take a complete 20 stage stories and get an event premium at the stored points! Please pay attention to the pretty story of CUU who believes in Santa!

※ Images are under development. It may be different from the actual game screen.

Christmas event limited costume Holly Night appeared!

Lased costumes for Las, Coriander, Coos, Cult, Marie, Win, aorta will appear!

Costumes can be randomly summoned costume Summoner, and you can purchase your favorite costumes directly from the dress room.

※ Costumes obtained by Summoning Costume will not be discharged from the next orders.

Christmas Limited Grandson & Artifact Appears!

A dedicated Grand Weapon Rosalie and Chico, and event-limited artifacts appeared in Marie and Cereal!

During the period, we hold a probability UP Summoner, so don't miss it!

▲ gran Saga Christmas Weapon Rosalie Chico introduction!

▲ イ Event Limited Artifact SSR Holy Night Arrival SR Little Delivery Worker

▲ 「 SSR warm night available in participation in story events

New Boss Bard appeared in the destruction match

A new light attribute boss Bald has been implemented in the eradication game! There are three signs of eradication, but there are many consuming files! The general monster appearing on the stage also becomes a light attribute, so try the measures firmly!

Level up upper limit release & Potential upper limit release

Character level upper limit and potential are released! Level upper limit: LV60 to LV70 · Potential: Add a row of perimeters

Delivered an Emergency Broadcasting Gran Saga Information Bureau on December 13!

The other day the emergency broadcast Gran Saga Information Bureau broadcasted in addition to the update information, other than the update information, and the data in the game and the data of this! It became a live broadcast of a big rising with the guests' Sanford.

In addition, the announcement of the nomination work of the 3rd snap road contest implemented in the official Twitter and the award-winning work. Winners of the Grand Saga Award were the work of Walker of the guild Walker, Let's sing together ♪ (Heart) !

▲ 彼 Awarded Grand Saga Awards Plan Saga's work Let's sing together ♪ (Heart)

And, Mr. Yaminosuke Ashikaga is selected as the Tachikazuo Shi mono award, ODN on the guild ODN Reunion will be posted School trip in the airship !

▲ 彼 Her Hausa's work Airship on AC

The guild Walker, who has won the Grand Saga Award, will give you the original title Photographer and 500 Diamonds that can be used in the game! In addition, the guild of the guild ODN Reunion, who has received the Tachikazu San no Subscribe, will give you a diamond title deepen the bond and 1,000 diamonds!

The program can be viewed at the official YouTube, so please check!

▲ Emergency broadcasting Gran Saga Information Bureau

In addition, in the program, we announced the next snap photo contest, next time it was decided to the exterior of the aorta approaching the true face of Alta! In addition to the original title The Great Luck of Moonlight for the winners, we will give you 2,000 diamonds!

Please check the official Twitter ( rpg) for details.

In addition, we will hold a costume design contest that designs the costume of Coo to the user! What is the special award-winning work! Award money 100,000 yen in addition to the title! Please join us!

Gran Saga - Chapter 7 Gameplay (PC Version) - PC/Mobile - F2P - KR

※ Details will be announced later in the official Twitter.

Gran Saga

Gran Saga is an original game work compatible with cross-platform drawn by the highest quality.

Based on the RPG of the royal RPG, in order to be loved around the world, high quality 3D graphics by Unreal Engine 4, Yukon Hero, Full Voice Story by Sakai Hakuto Voice Actor, BGM in the game, Shimmer Yoko, Illustration and Logo Design for Music Production, Semi Along, Gran Saga's theme song Kafka is working with Radius completely written.

In addition, the original animation by Nakamura Doha and the official Ambassador of Gran Saga will be delivered with the highest story of the story that focused on Friends by Mr. Touch Nob Aka and Mr. Kongo Nob Aka and Mr. Kane Nob Akira at the official Ambassador of Grand Saga. It is.

In addition, we started providing Gran Saga PC emulator beta version from November 26, 2021 (Fri).

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Game information

Title: Gran Saga (GRAN SAGA) Genre: Soul Development: Pixel Operation Co., Ltd. Gameplay Platform Co., Ltd.: IOS / Android / PC Price: Basic Free © 2021 Pixel Co., Ltd. & Gameplay Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.


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