Melbra: Type Lumina decided to participate in Saki Aoiko ! Free delivery on January 13 together with Death Noel

Project Alumina (Notes Co., Ltd., Triplex Co., Ltd., Orient Works Co., Ltd.) participates in the new playable character Okazaki Alike (CV: Haruka) regarding the 2D fighting game Melty Blood: Type Alumina Announced.

Teacher that has a great influence on Too Ships when I was young, finally participates in the war! She has the characteristics of overwhelming the opponent with her installation technique and long-distance attack magic and making a tricky all-rounder who sponsored with martial arts and martial arts.

Okazaki Alike will be delivered for free on January 31 as a first edition of Download Noel, Character Story, and New Stage, announced the other day. Furthermore, it was also revealed that the official tournament of this work was being prepared. Details such as rules and dates are forms waiting for the follow-up.

[Below, Call from Release]

● Features in the battle Overwhelming the other party with installation techniques and long distance attack magic

Saki Alike Saki is a flying tool that can be installed, and while restricting the movement of the other party with a long distance attack such as the Magic bullet, and it will hit a long distance attack of the warning and the short distance attack of the martial arts without missing the hit moment. I'm good at battle style. She is a tricky all-rounder that has long distance and short distance, and can be used separately according to the situation.

Also, in addition to the fact that she can jump three steps, it is a powerful character that has the characteristic of being able to do the air dash up to 2 times and utilizing high mechanical power.

Browning Star Mine releases a beam-like magic bullet is a long time, and in addition to the case, and it is easy to incorporate for continuous techniques. The EX Special Move Browning Star Mine is not only easy to incorporate in the range and attack ranges Ideal for.

Floating Star mine is a special move that emits spherical flying tools, and the command changes to two types of commands. One is left to leave the field for a certain period of time, and the opponent contacts the stray type that the attack is activated. Another is a ruptured type that can trigger an attack at any time.

Floating Floating Star main not only installed at hand, it can be moved forward slowly and moved forward by holding and holding the attack button at the time of command input. Since itself can move during the hold, you can also approach the other party while making the sphere as a shield.

By devising the installation location, it can be used like a shield that interferes with the movement of the other party, and is a technique that can be used in a variety of situations and in various situations.

Rupt-type Floating Star mine flies the sphere instantly at a remote location. By holding and holding one of the attacking buttons, it is possible to delay the timing of attack trigger. It is also powerful that you can use it as a coater or to follow the attack's gap, and be able to install it directly above the other party, and to create a wake up when you get up.

It is also possible to connect the other party's guard while collapsing the other party's guard by combining it with a non-guard middle stage attack, such as a ← + C attack of special techniques.

● Ark drive and last arc

Expand the Magic, the opponent's high power beam-like magic bullet he is a super powerful special move. The longer the range to reach the end of the screen, so it can be incorporated into a continuous technique from various techniques and can significantly extend damage. In addition, invincible status is given that the opponent's attack is not accepted when the technique is generated, so it is also effective as a counterattacking means in the screwed scene.

If you constrain your partner, a flower garden appears! It is a super powerful special move to shoot the magic bullet with the magical power produced from the magic circuit. Please pay attention to the facial expression of Okazaki Amino and the dynamic production at the time of attack when developing the magic team! It is possible to trigger that the shield is successful during the four gauge or a Brad heat. Forced opening with a distance that is packed with a distance to the other party and a scene where there is little physical strength, and aiming for the transverse direction!

● Three ways of situation

The type of the type that is good at far distance is excellent in the speed of the skill of the skill Browning Star main and the two spheres Floating Star main for shooting two spheres. Is. While spending a long distance attack and screw the opponent, you can use the number of jumps and the number of air dashes to pack the distance at once from the air!

The other party who is good at near distance is effective to set up the aircraft floating Star main to limit the movement of the other party, and to not easily pack the distance. For the other party who tries to pack off distance from the air, it is excellent in the speed of skills, and let's try to chase with Mun skill Blazing Star Mine that is easy to attack on the enemy's enemies!

Yuzuki Alike activates a moon drive, and he has 4-stage jump and an aerial dash up to 3 times. The other party's constraint time is longer EX special move Blazing Star main to activate the moon drive, and the collaboration that shakes the guard against the air dash to the middle attack is very powerful.

Also, it is also useful to guard the upskill there, kick! Let's break the other party's guard by leveraging the rich in the availability!

● Adding a character of a character

A voice such as interaction occurring in a combination of a specific character will be added according to the participation of Saki Ohio ! A special exchange is also occurring...!?!?!? It is also a comment on the comments on each character seen from Saki ! Calendaring with a variety of combinations, and enjoy the match between characters give me!

◆ New stage NATU no Sort Wizard Night / EX appeared! ◆

The new stage NATU no Sort and Wizard Night / EX will appear according to the appearance of Saki Alike !

NATU no Sort is a refreshing stage where Too Ships and Sakura Saki encounter Sunshine and Sakura Saki will be drawn. Wizard's night / ex is a stage of a night landscape with a star and firefly, night view.

If you select Wizard Night / Ex in Stage Select when using Saki Alike, the state of the sky above changes. Please try it and enjoy the change of the stage!

A new stage BGM is also required for each stage.

◆ Check the delivery date of the additional DLC 1st! ◆

Additional DLC We will inform you of the delivery date of the first installment. Please check if partial delivery time is different depending on the platform and country region.

■ PlayStation 4 Local time January 13, 2022 (Thu) 00:00

■ Nintendo Switch · Japan · Korea · Hong Kong Local time January 13, 2022 (Thu) 00:00

· American region PST (US Pacific Standard Time) January 17, 2012 00:00 ※ Please note that time difference will occur instead of local time 00:00.

· European · Oceania area Local time January 17, 2022 (Mon) 00:00

■ Xbox One UTC (Agreement World Time) January 13, 2022 (Thu) 08:00 ※ Japan time January 13 (Thu) 17:00

■ STEAM PST (US Pacific Standard Time) January 13, 2022 (Thu) 00:00 ※ Japan time January 13 (Thu) 17:00 ※ Please note that time difference will occur instead of local time 00:00.

◆ We are preparing the official tournament! ◆

Melty Blood: Type Alumina is preparing the official tournament! Details such as rules and dates will be announced again later. Please wait for the follow-up!