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For Streamer, there are two essential accessories to ensure a good level of quality. The dedicated microphone and the webcam are the must-have of any Streamer beginner as professionals. The Blue Yeti and the C922 HD Pro are the two essential references and the FNAC offers them in pack at broken price.

the good plan

Acquiring all the material for Streamer can prove quite expensive, so it is often recommended buying its material in pack. The FNAC currently offers a pack including 2 of the essential references to hoist its Twitch-Game at a professional level.

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The webcam Logitech C922 HD Pro is used by many Streamers beginners and professionals. It counts on its very good image quality to seduce. Practical, it attaches to the top of the screen or on a tripod to customize the angle of view. Logitech has also had the very good idea to deliver his webcam with a small tripod allowing to place it anywhere on his desk. In addition to its image quality, the C922 has an automatic clipping functionality conferring an even more pro look to your streams.

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If the micro USB models are numerous, there is a reference that has stand out from the competition. The Blue Yeti is a real professional micro, able to capture your voice with precision. To go even further, this microphone is equipped with 3 capsules to choose the creativity that suits you according to your preferences and needs. You can choose to choose for a capture cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional or stereo.

The Micro Blue Yeti usually negotiates for the trifle of €139.99, while it is generally necessary to have a hundred euros to afford the services of the C922 HD Pro. Fortunately for you, and your wallet, FNAC offers a very nice offer on a pack including both. Instead of €229,99, it will cost you €149,99 to equip you with this professional equipment. We have just never seen such a tariff.

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What alternative?

If you do not need webcam, Hyper offers a different pack including its Micro Solo cast as well as an Gaming Hyper Cloud Core headset. More suitable for beginners, this pack seduces thanks to a much more accessible rate. The microphone is satisfied with a single creativity cardioid and does not have all the Blue expertise in sound capture, but it is sufficiently efficient for most streamers. It is an ideal Christmas present for young streamers who are not yet equipped.

At the moment, Boulanger offers a nice discount on the Hyper Pack. Indeed, instead of €149.99, this pack only requests €79.99.

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