PS-Plus games in January 2022: These are the free games in the new year

The PlayStation Plus games for January 2022 have been officially confirmed! We introduce you to the three free games that you can download at the beginning of January.

PlayStation Plus: Free Games in January 2022

The last Tuesday of the month many PlayStation players have probably marked red in the calendar. On this day, the PlayStation-Twitter presents the new free games that can download PS-Plus subscribers in the coming month. The following three games may be downloaded for free from January 4, 2022 if your PS plus subscriber are:

DIRT 5 (PS4 & PS5) Deep Rock Galactic (PS4 & PS5) persona 5 strikers (PS4)

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

Also in January 2022 Sony does not seem to offer exclusive games for PS5 players — that is likely to be very close to the PS4 users. Because the Next Gen Console of Sony is still in short supply and even a year after the official sales start barely regular commercially available.


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The upcoming free games in detail

With Dirt 5 there is food for all rally fans. In the races you are on off-road routes, which are playing among other things in Brazil, China and even Norway. You expect many different cars and vehicle classes, a dynamic weather system — and even a 4-player split screen mode is included in the game.

You probably have the significantly better co-op experience but in Deep Rock Galactic. In the ego shooter, it is your task to expose valuable resources of a planet and then reduce. But in the depths of the rock lurking dangerous aliens who want you to the leather. Players can choose between 4 classes, all of which have different equipment and thus have different advantages. Only together will you manage to successfully end your mission.

With persona 5 strikers, the well-known role-playing series hits a completely new path. Because this offshoot is not a classic RPG, but a so-called Musou game, such as Dynasty Warriors. Dozens of opponents suddenly scurry over the screen and just wait to be sent by you with fast combos and fat special skills over the Jordan. Compared to the main parts of the series, although the story and the gameplay falls more lingerer, in our test Persona 5 strikers could still convince us of his strengths.

What is PlayStation Plus — and is that worthwhile?

To play online, you need a PlayStation Plus subscription to the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5. This allows you to use the multiplayer mode and provides you cloud storage for SAVE games and other. In addition, you get special offers in the PlayStation Store, which only get members and finally at least two free games a month.

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12 months PlayStation Plus at Amazon View

Does the money cost? Yes, the service costs you in the year 59.99 euros, for three months you pay €24.99 and 8.99 euros for a month. From time to time, the individual subscriptions are also offered reduced.

This is either directly via the PlayStation Store or at Amazon — because you select a PS-Plus card or a download code.


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