PS Plus: Leak shows the 3 free games for PS4, PS5 in January 2022

A PS plus Leak promises the Gamer 3 good games for January 2022. Random introduces you the leaf and reveals you what users can look forward to January 2022.

That's why: At the end of the year, the new Games for PS Plus will be officially presented in January 2022. Now there is an extensive leak to show the games. Currently, is 3 games for PS plus in January 2022:

Deep Rock Galactic for PS4 and PS5. DIRT 5 for PS4 and PS5 Persona 5: Strikers for PS4

What are that for games? PS PLUS is a paid abode service, which you need when you want to play online on the PS4 or PS5. As a free addition, Sony puts three free games every month, which you can get you. Incidentally, you can easily play the PS4 games presented thanks to the backward compatibility of the PS5 on the latest console generation of Sony.

Where the leak comes from? The leak was published by the well-known journalist Rebellion via Twitter. The leak itself comes from the side, a page on which regular deals and offers are published.

Supposedly it should give it in January 2022 with PS plus three top-class games for PS4 and PS5

Deep Rock Galactic is a co-op title that belongs to the best Indie titles 2020. This is a coop shooter for up to 4 players, alternatively, the game can also be drawn with I comrades. Alone or together you threw you as a space dwarf through cave systems and addiction to valuable resources.

With Dirt 5 you get a fleeted racing game. You deny in the game above all rally racecourses. Here you drive through different places and controls the most diverse vehicles from the rally racer to the truck. Alternatively, you can drive with other players around the bet and measure you in top lists.

With Persona 5: Strikers you get as a third title finally a wash fast RPG. The story plays after the end of Persona 5, and you should have washed the main game before I put you on strikers. Striker relies on an action-rich combat system than still persona 5, which can deny her with the well-known persons around the protagonist Joker.

In December there was also free VR titles for PS plus

In November and December 2021 Sony had given away three additional PSV titles to the 3 usual PS plus games. Occasion was the birthday of the PlayStation. Whether this will be the case in January 2022, we do not know yet. So far, we assume that this special offer will no longer be offered in January 2022.

How does it look like? What do you think about the new PS-Plus lineup for January 2022? Is any title that awakens to your interest or that you are particularly pleased? Or does Sony's current games selection rather cold? Participates your opinion with us and other users of Mango in the comments.

PS Plus January 2022 Free Games LEAKED! (PlayStation Plus Leaks Rumors) PS+ 2022 Rumor/Leaks

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