The game of the memory of the memories is resurrected by Mobile

Perched will proceed with its new 'Perfhiprid M' private test from 24th to January 21, next year.

PERP BREED M is based on the perforation of memories, based on the perforation, the original social element, graphics, and sensitization. In the test, you can sequentially disclose over 2,500 items, and you can experience character customization, definition, community system, and mini-games. It is also possible to decorate your own space with terrain placement, building, and furniture installation that can represent high cars.

The original Philip has been served in South Korea and Japan from November 2003 to August 2016, and has recorded 4 million cumulative users. After the service ends, users have conducted a resurrection signature exercise, and more than 10,000 were participated.

Thank you for your use of a long time without forgetting, I am thankful for the user who loved a long time. I am doing all the development of all the developments to put the emotions that I have online. I will try to make a completeness.

Meanwhile, Pup Spread attracted investment from Neptune last October, and Neptune's Porfirio stake in Neptune is 44%.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW! About Memory/Memoir! HOW TO FARM? Nier Reincarnation!

For more information, you can see the Perfhiprid M official café.


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