According to Djokovic: Zverev can be new number 1 of the world

Since Sunday morning (CET), it is clear that Novak Djokovic will not go to the Australian Open launching on Monday. The Serve has lost legal tuning for the medical exemption in its visa and relying on Australia now.

This for Djokovic opens Alexander Zeal a door to set up the crown in the tennis world. Because previous year's finalist Djokovic — with nine titles of the record winner in Melbourne — can not defend his points won in 2021 now. VERY, which has traveled as a world ranking profile to Down Under and had been dissolved in the Djokovic half, is now the great opportunity to dissolve the long-standing dominator as the number 1 of the tennis world at the Australian Open — albeit with a small delay.

Due to the coronary shift of Australian Open last year, Djokovic loses its points for the title win in mid-February. Immediately after the final of the First Grand Slam Tournament of the Year on January 30, Djokovic will definitely retain its top position.

Also Mercedes can be number 1

For a watch removal Zeal needs a premiere: because to get the place on the sun, he would have to win the Australian Open. And a Grand Slam Triumph has not yet succeeded in the 24-year-old in his career. In addition, he is not the only one who has the place in the sights: also the Russian World Slip Live Daniel Mercedes would overtake with a triumph in Melbourne Djokovic.

VERY will start with a match against his compatriot Daniel Altair to the Australian Open. Thereafter, there is also enough without Djokovic hurdles, Zeal could meet Rafael Naval in the quarterfinals. The Spaniard recently celebrated a successful comeback in the recently in Down Under.

Djokovic has been dominating the tennis world ranking for years. Seven times — and so often like no other tennis professional so far — the Serb ended a calendar year as a number 1. With a total of 355 weeks, nobody has been peaking.


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