Already available the three free PS PS PLUS games for download on PS4 and PS5

As the first Tuesday of each month, PlayStation welcomes the titles included with the PS Plus Subscription Service in January. In this way, the platform subscribers will receive three free games to start 2022, with the players can download them from today until January 31 through the Sony digital store, from PS4 and PS5.

First, we find a person 5 Strikers, a title that will make the delights of the fans of the Saga Person. On this occasion, Atlas's proposal is aimed at action, with a collaboration with Goa TEB MO for a Hack and Slash game with the characteristic Musou style. Taking control of its protagonists, we will travel Japan facing all kinds of latitudinal battles with an artistic style very typical of the fifth numbered delivery.

PlayStation Plus (PS4 and PS5) January 2022 (PS+)

For those who are driving fans arrive, Dirt arrives. This off-road Code Master experience is more daring and risky of the saga, but it recovers successfully part of the lost identity in the fourth installment. A very polished control, striking visual appearance and a good circuit design add up to a set that is sturdy and spectacular while we're splashing the mud or skipped through the track.

Finally, the most different proposal is one that premieres for the first time in PlayStation taking advantage of its direct income in the promotion of this month. Deep Rock Galactic is a game of action and exploration in a world of science fiction designed with cooperative experience in mind, accepting groups of up to 4 players. With a very characteristic graphic section, we will have to travel its caves generated procedurally to deal with hordes of alien enemies who come towards us with very bad intentions.

The new PlayStation Plus games are added to the six new chosen for PS Now in this January, with options for all tastes available in your catalog, although with a main protagonist. We speak, as it could not be otherwise, of Mortal Kombat 11, the last title of Nether realm fights that claims the veteran fighting franchise.


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