No complaints are not accepted! "La-Mulana 2" Violent DC DLC "O'Nness Tower" Delivery Launched-I came by forgot when I forgot the high difficulty content lined up in the former Hell Cathedral

PLAY ISM is the Virility Deafness Download Content O'Less Tower of the 2D action adventure MAULANA 2 developed by Indy Game Developer Rigor, which was broadcasted on January 23. We announced delivery start of . The main story is released for PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo switches, but only PC version (steam / humble handle / is delivered.

This work is What happened if the game has evolved if the game was 2D, the indie game development team Rigor, which creates a game with a commitment, a vast ruins, a difficult mystery, huge Item and strong enemies are written out-of-the-art archeology action Adventure game La Mulan sequel title.

The previous work La Mulan has a total of 500,000 hits in the whole world, and held a sequel development project in Kickstarter in 2014. We collected $266,670 from 5,200 backers and released in 2018. Search Type Side View Jump Action Title classified as a game, but it is also characterized that the factor game element that solves the mystery based on numerous hints.

  • Become an adventurer and explore the vast ancient ruins

  • Adventure to solve mystery based on many tips

  • Hand-to-face action with enemies that block hands

  • A beautiful world drawn fine with dots

  • Seven main weapons and more than 10 surgeons

  • More than 60 items that support the ruins search

  • More than 20 applications that can be installed on the adventurer favorite tablet Mobile Super X 3

  • Equipped with a picture book function that records more than 200 monsters and characters

Additional content DLC O'Less tower delivered from 23rd is that it is a violent difficulty aligned with the Hell Cathedral of the previous work. According to the release I don't think about the player, I have not yet enough, I hope you still want it. I can't get it with a popular feeling! In addition, I will not accept any complaints! It is likely to be the content of the user.

MAULANA 2 Added DLC O'Less Tower is 498 yen, in delivered at Steam / Humble Handle /


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