Star Wars and EA go hand in hand: three new games on the way by Respawn Entertainment

Electronic Arts and LucGames announcefilm Games announce an extensive collaboration along with the most in the form of Americans. Respawn Entertainment, responsible for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Apex Legends, work in three license-bGames announceed games.

Specifically, the firm points to genres and very specific proposals. The first one will be continue working on the Star Wars Jedi franchise; After Fallen Order, Sting Games announcemussen and his team are already shaping a new action adventure. In this sense it hGames announce not been confirmed at the moment if it is a direct sequel to the adventure starring Cal Testis, or if on the contrary it will deepen other argument lines.

Beyond the Horizon of Respawn and Star Wars: Shooter and Strategy

The second unveiled project takes them to what they best know how to do: Shooters. With the direction of Peter Hirschman, historically linked to Star Wars, Respawn will give birth to a first-person shooter unpublished . The works, Games announce explained by the company, have just begun. Working with LucGames announcefilm Games in a new FPS at the Galaxy of Star Wars is a dream come true, since it is a story that I have always wanted to tell, he says in a press releGames announcee. Among the achievements of Him, it highlights to be an executive producer of the original Star Wars Battlefront.

Three The third and lGames announcet project are about a strategy game Fruit of collaboration with Bit Reactor, a study of recent training. The team will be led by Greg Fourth, Veteran of the Industry and one of the first members of Fir axis Games. In this cGames announcee, Res paw will act Games announce a producer.

We are excited to continue working with the incredibly talented respawn developers , says DouglGames announce Reilly, vice president of LucGames announcefilm Games. They have demonstrated excellence by telling epic stories about Star Wars, in addition to their first clGames announces gameplay through different genres. We are looking forward to bringing more incredible experiences to the very, very distant galaxy, he concludes.

Vince Capella , General Manager of the group and founder of Respawn, will supervise this phGames announcee in the Electronic Arts relationship with LucGames announcefilm.


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