Webzen, service game integrated New Year's event

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Mobile MMORPG 'Mu Arc Angel 2' will continue with the 'Glory Celebration' occasion until January 10. In addition, it is likewise offered a compensation for participation in a 2022 associated test event held in the official area by January 12th.

Wezen (Representative Kim TAE Young) runs a new year event in the video games that are solution that remain in the year.

'R2M' runs 'New Year's attendance check' event until January 13th.' R2' will carry out a memorial occasion up until January 13.

Wezen has three mobile video games ( Mu Arc Angel 2, R2M, Morin 2 ') and PC Online Gaming ( Mu Online,' R2 ',' Shot Online ') It supplies a variety of video games benefits.

'R2M' operates 'New Year's attendance check' occasion up until January 13th. Only in case of the occasion, the 'Changed Unclean [Occasion], The very best unique material box,' the Athletic Box [Occasion] of the Occasions], Double-black Material box has special products that enhance the attributes of the personality.

E3 will be online-only again this year

'R2' shall perform a memorial event up until January 13. On the original reboot web server, go to the 'Size Exchange Investor' as well as provide a treasure box as well as 100,000 silver, and if you are a randomly gotten items such as' Servant Neighboring (Cow) and also 'Sunlight's Gems'. Open reboot web servers are likewise open up to finish all offered objectives and also obtain an ancient support order.

For additional information concerning the occasions planned for the new year of Wezen, you can see the Wezen Video game Portal or the official website of each game.

Lastly, Computer Online Golf Video Game 'Shot Online' additionally prepared a brand-new year event. When you access the video game by January 27, you will certainly be paid to the suit that matches the date and also complete the various goals, as well as when you finish the numerous objectives, the 'New Year's Present Box', Masked 'products.

Mobile MMORPG 'Mu Arc Angel 2' will proceed with the 'Magnificence Festival' event up until January 10. Taking part in the 'Fireworks' content in the video game will complete numerous products as well as joyful scores, to complete a given objective and acquire a joyful firecracker to acquire a selection of settlement. On top of that, it is also provided a settlement for involvement in a 2022 relevant quiz event held in the main area by January 12th.

PC MMORPG 'Mu Online' has set up the 'The Sea of the Black Tree' event. By January 20th, when you search a monster from different searching, you can get a '뮨 all' and 'Jewelry Thing' when you mobilize the 'Tiger' beast as a 'New Year Summoner', which you have actually won and gotten. If you are seeking Disorder Goblin as well as reinforced with the New Year Summation (2 to 4 classes), you can additionally get innovative products depending upon the grade.

'Origin 2' opens 'attendance check' internet occasion up until January 13, and also presents settlement according to the number of times the video game attended. By January 12th, it will certainly take the collecting roulette in the video game, and gives the 'Collection Angel Choice Box', 'Collection Angel Selection Box', 'Little Guardian Selection Box', 'Little Guardian Family Pet Treasure', and also the chance to change.


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