After flash start and alu

Freiburg's coach Thomas Stramm changed after the 1: 1 at the Würzburg Olaf Janßens on three positions: Sildillia, Tauriainen and SiQuet, which is for the professional team, began for the chamber band, faithful and rich.

Also Viktoria Kölns Chef coach Olaf Janßen, who had only renewed his contract during the week, took three changes in his starting in 1860 Munich compared to the 0: 1 defeat against 1860 Munich: Amyn, Klefisch and Philipp were allowed for the locked May, Lorch and Routinier Cracks from the beginning to Ran.

Alu-Pech follows Freiburg flash start

In the first pass, the home owners with the changed staff came much better than the Cologne - and after only five minutes with the leadership through Kehl. In the episode, the Breisgauer wanted to take the momentum through the early gate and kept dangerous about the strong wings in front of the gate of the guests. These had doubly luck in the course of the first half, not higher in arrears: First, a slipped edge of Si quits landed on the latte (12th), marriage Engelhardt failed from a short distance on the post (20th).

But that's not enough: Only about five minutes later, Kehl had after a very purposically played counter Freiburg's double pack on the foot, but narrowly straightened (26.) before Wagner and SIQUET flow out two more opportunities to the second goal within a few moments (38.). So it finally went with a tight, but deserved leadership for the Freiburg in the cabin.

Early balancing after the page change

In the second round, however, the Cologne showed up in the course of a tactical conversion and came shortly after the restart first to a good chance of substitute new addition Siebert (47.), before it was shortly afterwards in the emergence of some happy trading fighters for the guests, The handle icy cold used a slightly flattering compensation (53.). Previously, Tauriainen had fallen in the duel with Heister the ball behind his back on his arm. Subsequently, a very balanced game developed, in which a long time did not want to get any goals more.

After passing between the second half of the majority of the game between the criminal rooms, the SCF was dangerous twice through the Vermeij substitute for the break, but the templates of the two Joker Sweepers (73nd) and faithful (81) for renewed leadership And thus the remis sealed through which both teams miss it to increase the distance to the relegation places.

Nick Beardshaw discusses Tom Kerridge and opening The Coach in Marlow The SC Freiburg wants to do this next Saturday at 14 o'clock in the away game at Eintracht Braunschweig. Viktoria Köln is already demanded on Tuesday evening in the catch-up game at FSV Zwickau (19 clock) and can equal for points with the Freiburg.


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