Do you want to abandon hope? ... Rating of the "Uncontinued"

"There is no future of the game original film."

February 16 is the name of the game of the game of the same name of the same name of the same name Many of the critics show the negative response, and the normal audience rating also appears to be highly high.

First, the 'Tomato Index of the "Tomato Index", which is a total of 24 critics in the main movie rating site,' Roton Tomato 'is 50%. Half of criticism means that the movie was 'non-recommended'. In particular, every of the 24 "top crickets" did not recommend the movie. The 'Top Cryatic' tells the 100 people's influential critics directly designated by Roton Tomatoes.

One of the top crypt, the British Indie Pendant, the British Indie Pendant, quoted the "New song" of the Dante, "I will come up here," abandon all hopes, ". He said, "Hollywood is not the future," the game original film "," said Hollywood, "said Hollywood,"

The problem pointing out by Lauri is the mall of the production of the original. "The original game was a feeling that it actually experienced the adventure that the users had been childhood dreaming through rich character and sophisticated gameplay. But why did not you lack the passion and power in the movie? "

Then, " feels that the commercial success of the original is felt. 'Who is' or 'Why' does not ask an important question. This led to the result of casting Tom Holland on the drake station. Drake was well known as the actor Nathan Philion and the Formuade, and Filio was actually in the 2018 fan film, "Miss Casting" was criticized for the stability.

The Nick De Celenian of the Empire Magazine was in direct comparison with the game. He said, "It is a film that has been moved back to the game that is affected by the movie. The game is much better than the movie. I was able to make a movie, but I could make it much better. "

According to Ceramlor, it is true that the original fan is in a couple of scenes. But it is a scene that does not have a big meaning to general audience. In addition, "The conversation of the two heroes was much lower than the original, lacking the delays of the actors of LAME, and the actors' actors complement these disadvantages."

On the other hand, the evaluation of general audiences is a bit more favorable. was currently opened in some countries. Reviews Site IMDB users are "suitable for time", "decent adventure film", "the" minor film is not clear, but the god of rapid breathing is evaluated. "

The AMDB's audience rating is 6.9 out of 10 from a total of 10. However, IMDB needs to be aware of the rating of the use of users who do not see the movie.


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