Fall on servers Lost Ark: How to solve Amazon Games connection problems

Server problems of Lost Ark are rather common, so if you can not connect to Lost Ark or any Amazon Games service, you may not be the only 1. Fall of Lost Ark servers can occur when there is a lot of user traffic, but it has a solution.

Below we tell you how to inform you of the state of the servers and solve problems such as "_No could be logged in or" _ I lost the connection to the network "so you can play Lost Ark without problems.

Fix Unable To Connect To Lost Ark Servers

Lost Ark error messages

Below you have some of the error messages with which you could cross when you try to connect to the servers Lost Ark . If it is one of those who will see below, continue reading to know what you can do.

  • Error 10027.

When I can play Lost Ark without problems

The first step to try to find out what is happening with the servers is to go to official sources. In this way we will know with certainty if the problem we have is due to our connection or is a general fall in front of which we can only wait.

On the Lost Ark servers page we can see what is Status of the Spanish servers on PC to know when the problem has started and at what time they plan to be solved. You can also review the situation through your Twitter account.

How to solve server problems in Lost Ark

If the problem turns out to be ours instead of a Lost Ark server fall , the next step is to try to solve it by resorting to the classic methods. Below we list some of the actions you could try by order of facility:

  • Restart the game.
  • Restart the console or PC.
  • Connect by Ethernet cable instead of WiFi.
  • Limit the connections we have at that time.
  • Restart the router.
  • Check the ports and the NAT.

If despite this, the problems persist, do not despair, it may be a timely problem and is solved within a few minutes. Go to other sources such as Twitch to check if the game is running on your region or details your problem to those responsible through their official channels so that they can help you.

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