Guide you pistolancies de Lost sheets

This guide will teach you most of what you need to know about the class of the pistolacier in Lost Ark, starting with an overall overview of its strengths and weaknesses, skills but also our recommended builds suggestions for Leveling, in PVE solo and in groups, or PVP.

Presentation of the pistolacier

_Constituting the first line of defense, the pistolangers collect the biggest enemy attacks thanks to their defensive posture and their martial protection, in order to protect the rest of their group. Although their pistolance is a great weapon, they derive their real strength of their ability to protect their allies and absorb damage as real sponges.

Role of the pistolacier

In Lost Ark, the pistolacier is an archetype of the warrior class.

The pistolancier is the most resistant class of the game. It is the one that looks most like a tank. Its role is to keep the enemy on it allowing your teammates of quietly focus on the weak points of the boss. This is probably the least mobile class of the game, but this main weakness is largely offset by its huge survivability.

But do not deceive you. The pistolancier is not just a shield on feet. It has a huge burst of DPS and brings powerful improvements to the group.

Identity Skill of the Pistolantier

Its identity competence (its main liability) is durability. A gauge fills up as you inflict damage and once it is full, you can use one of the two peolancier identity skills.

  • Posture Defense who makes you adopt a... Defensive posture decreasing your travel speed and gives you a shield.
  • Battle Shield will consume all your durability bar and will make you jump in a targeted direction by inflicting damage. A landing, you will gain and your allies a shield but prevents you from moving during the pipe.

Forces and weaknesses of the pistolacier

Strengths : - HUGE SURVIVABILITY - Big Burst - brings shields to his group - Can decrease the enemy defense and increase the damage received by its target - Can provoke the enemy - Can block a capacity of a boss

Weaknesses: - Rather slow - low scope - only class of the game to have a dodge backwards, you have to get used to it

Skills of the pistolacker

Awakening skills

Our Recommended Builds on Lost Ark

In Lost Ark you can save up to three talent trees. You can change Build for free at any time in the game (out of combat and when your skills are not in CD). In the lines that will follow we will talk about "Tripod". If you do not know what it is, do not hesitate to read our guide on the Tripod system of Lost Ark.

Remember that there is no optimal build. We recommend some builds that we believe are efficient, but above all, we advise you to find your own build that will be the most fun for you.

Build Leveling of the Pistolangerier

During your first level of Leveling, use the skills you have at your disposal. From level 20, when you unlock "sharp pistolate", you can start the build below. "Haine cry" is unjoined at level 24 while "pistulance shooting" is unjoined at level 40.

Do not hesitate to complement our proposed build with what you like best. The pistolacier is not the fastest class to go up. Take advantage of it to familiarize yourself with all the skills to be used to in the coming dungeons and raids.

Build PVE of the Solo and Dungeon Pistolanier

In solo as in dungeons, we offer a DPS-oriented build. Your strategy will be to group enemies to use your zone capabilities.

Build PVE of the group pistolacier

Here is a build that will be focused on your survival and that of your allies. Your role is to reduce the damage that your group takes. Remember to apply shields to your teammates and try to reduce the damage they will undergo maximum by causing your target or neutralizing some of their capabilities.

Remember to keep your "upward rush" to counter certain boss capabilities and keep your "counter-pistolate" well to absorb a big attack.

Your role is not dodging all the attacks of the bosses as can do the DPS. Remember to use your "Defense Posture" identity ability as much as possible and launch "Nellasia Energy" to reduce the damage to your group.

Build PVP of the pistolacier

The pistolancier is very powerful in PVP. In addition to being very resistant, it has a burst not under estimate and many controls. Your shields for you and your allies will be a real problem for your opponents.

- explosive cannon: Damage - Pistulance shot: Damage - counter-pistolance: Stun - Grappine: Attracts enemies to you - Stunful blow: Stun, Buff attack and increased control time (to be used after your grapple) - Guardian thunder: Stun - Shield charge: Displacement and Knock Up - Ascending rush: Damage

We hope this guide can help you in your first steps in Lost Ark. Remember that these are just suggestions based on our preferences. You are free to modify at your leisure depending on the build that you will find more fun to play.

If you still hesitate on which class play in Lost Ark, do not hesitate to consult our guides on each of the classes available at the exit of the game in France or our guide on the most sought after classes.

So much for our guide to the peolancier in Lost Ark. You can find all our guides to start in Lost Ark as well as all the game news on skills.


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