How to get "Cuisine Secrets of Anikka" in the "Lost Ark"

Lost Ark is MMO from Smilegate RPG with a huge amount of content. This includes monsters, objects, quests and collectibles. The game has different collectibles that the player can find during the game. If you open the foliage adventure, you will see certain items at the top. One of them is The Secrets of Anikka Cuisines in Lost Ark.

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You may be interested, where to find and process The Secrets of Anikka Cuisines in Lost Ark. They are located on the continent. Annika . These drops seem random and also does not apply to certain enemies .

We got our own from Robbers. The probability of falling seems quite low, so the filling of your folio adventure will take some time and will require you to kill many enemies from you.

This means that you do not need to farm mobs in one place. You can move through the game, killing enemies, and, in the end, you will collect them. Those who want to complete the foliage adventure, will need to collect 10 drops of The Secrets of Anikka Cuisines.

Farming of any kind of mobs in Anikka should ultimately give you enough drops of "secrets of the Kitchen of Anikki" to fulfill this collective task. It may take some time due to low dropping rate. So ahead and successful hunting!

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