"Ryu crotch" of "Street Fighter 6" is attracting attention. Ryu's Ryu

Capcom announced " Street Fighter 6 " on February 21. Many fans are not at focusing on new works of Hisbisa, some fans are nailed at some point. It is the body of the new character "Ryu" that will be new to this time.

"Street Fighter 6" is a new work of popular fighting game "Street Fighter" series. Although the details of this work are still wrapped in veil, Mr. Yusuke Hashimoto, who is known for the producer of Bayonetta, etc. is involved in this work (related articles). In addition, the released teaser trailer with the production announcement appears the character of the character of the character of the series and a Luke, the last extra character. Each new dress is embodied and more dense new graphics.

The same trailer released this time is revealed that the actual game engine of "Street Fighter 6" is drawn. If you look at the image, you will first be overwhelmed by texture expressions. The focus is the finish of the body that you want to pay attention to the distillation of the rough surface and skin of the fabric. The skin of Ryu is also drawn to wrinkles and can be drawn down, and even if the tiger vision and the movement of the muscle that is anchoring is also seen. Whether it was hot to the struggle of the fight, it will be a moist and sweat grains in the body, and it will be evaporated with Munmun each time. In addition, body shapes are also slightly bulked up and visible to Bolewmy, and we have a bald and spilled a wild attraction. The body is drawn in all aspects and is drawn in a humble and meat and it is a video that will be gaze in any way.

And, I am shirtless to say that it is shirtless. Speaking of Ryu's trademark. Although her chest was often boldly, it was basically a broken sleeve through arms. On the other hand, this Ryu does not come to the upper body as well as Hachimaki. It is round out. As such, her chest muscles will have been launched by her chest muscles so far, can be seen by the war of the war. On the rise of the reality, the figure of the leu that became more bold is given the user who had a new announcement itself to the users.

After the trailer of "Street Fighter 6" was released, both the thermal lines and the puzzle are attached to Ryu naked on the domestic and overseas SNS. It is especially enthusiastic being reddit and a resetera user. For example, a user with a user who is REDDIT looks like the body of Ryu is likely to be in a width. Besides, there are also voices that have been described as "Most Zangief". Therefore, there is also a small bokeh or a small bokeh that is concerned about how decades, and the Cosplay of Chris Redfield, which is the character of "Biohazard", is also a comment. There are many users who are worried about the body type that has increased volumes.

On the other hand, it seems that there are many possible lupics' body and a specific site that a specific site is not separated from the head. For example, Ryu in the "Street Fighter 6" trailer appears to be reproduced with the dense part of the drawing. It is a crotch. If you carefully examine the scene of the angle to look up from below, you can see that the part of the crotch of the direction is quite raised with a sense of presence. In other words, Ryu's Ryu is floating. If you feel your mind, you feel that it seems to be able to perspect it to its shape. I wonder if the dirty hearts showed the hallucinations that showed you, and there are also many people who do not go away from the crotch uplift.

Overseas Bulletin Boards Resetera also uses a user who comments as "hidden guns" against the crotch of Ryu that emits a sense of dangerous presence. As evidence, one screenshot is listed from the trailer. If you look at it, the more beautiful and contoured man symbol seems to be convinced to many users even in the way.

And the users who found small Ryu behind the way, "This is also physical calculated?" "It's a wave of killings", etc., I think about that presence. In addition, a user who sets up a site and talk gif videos, or a "like hammer" and "it seems to be healthy" and those who admire their sizes. Anyway, it seems that there is no doubt that many users have found something in the crotch of Ryu. And I found it out, but finally, I have been deprived of its presence. In addition, there are also voices that call the figure of this Ryu "Hot Ryu" in a series of posts. In fact, Ryu has unveiled Hot Ryu 's nickname even in the previous work "Street Fighter V".

Ryu has shown a variety of ways throughout the series, and there was also a case that can be done by "Ryu who woke up to the wave of killings". And in the previous work, I also show a figure close to the new visual. For example, one of the character skins in the previous work is "combat clothes 1". Although the skin "Kairi" is also shirtless, this is collaboration and is far from the original figure of Ryu. On the other hand, in combat clothes 1, he is showing the body beauty in the figure as it is, and it is also stored as a new visual of "Street Fighter 6". This skin was called "Hot Ryu" in some overseas fans, and the work official site is "Hot Ryu. We have a great acclaim from some of them." "Bare of Naked Ryu" has already got a certain popularity among fans. There will be a user who welcomes the figures of hot Ryu, which has increased meat.

The body of Ryu that has attracted unexpected attention and its part. However, if you return the back, it is also evidence that the drawing of "Street Fighter 6" is truly approaching. In the same work that realizes a step-up reality, the fight against incandescent will be unfolded, which is also transmitted to sweat and muscle movement.

Correspondence platform and release time of "Street Fighter 6" are undecided. The follow-up of this work is scheduled to be delivered this summer. I want to wait while expanding expectations.


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