Thunderful will be present at the launch of the PlayStation VR2

The Swedish Group Thunderful unveiled its results for the year 2021 and entrusted some secrets, including the production of a game to accompany the launch of the PlayStation VR2.

Overall, the results of the Thundercul Group are comparable to the balance sheet of the year 2020, with a turnover of 309.5 million euros and a net profit of 12.4 million euros. However, Thunderful owes the majority of its figures to its distribution activity across Bergsala, the historical distributor of all Nintendo products in the Nordic countries. A fundamental partnership for the company, which has just been extended until March 2024.

When one looks more specifically on the Thunderful Games segment, which develops its own games and publishes those of others through its labels (Rising Star Games, Headup Games, COATSINK), there is a real progression with a turnover of 33 million euros (15 million euros in 2020) and an operational profit of 9.3 million euros (4.5 million euros in 2020).

Results of Thunderful

Period Turnover Operational Profit Net profit
January 2020 - December 2020 291.4 million euros 20.3 million euros 12.9 million euros
January 2021 - December 2021 309.5 million euros 19.7 million euros 12.4 million euros

Which does not mean that management is fully satisfied. According to her, the games developed internally released in the last quarter 2021 did not meet expectations. They are not named, but the only games corresponding to this description are Wavetale (Stadia) and The Gunk (Xbox, PC). If sales have not been up to it, the inclusion of the latter in the Game Pass subscription has all the same for "hundreds of thousands" of players to discover the game, which will also go out on Steam later in the year. Wavetale will not remain exclusive to Stadia and will be available on consoles and PC this year.

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COATSINK extends on Quest and will be at the launch of the PS VR2

COATSINK SOFTWARE is part of Thundercul's studios, especially for virtual reality lovers. Not content to have extended his partnership with Meta to get out of new titles on Quest in the jurassic WORLD AFTERMATH stride, we learn that the studio is at work on a PlayStation VR2 launch game. At the same time, the studio is known to develop a sports action game (code name salted caramel) for the second semester 2022 and a cooperative survival game (code name date) whose output is expected in 2023, But it is not possible to say whether the PS VR2 launch game is one of these two titles, especially since it would provide a launch window that Sony has never communicated.

After a year 2021 marked by the acquisitions of a publisher (Headup Games) and three development studios (to the sky, internship Clear Studios, Early Morning Studio), Thunderful lifted 55 million euros from Danske Bank for Financing its upcoming acquisitions as well as its developing games, in the number of 17 internally. Among them figure SteamWorld Headhunter, cooperative action game announced last November for an exit in 2023.


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