BVB is probably in the transfer of Timo Werner

For several weeks Timo Werner has been associated with a change to Borussia Dortmund by FC Chelsea. But that the BVB actually makes the national player seriously, is unlikely.

As "Dortmund week1" reporter Patrick Berger reports in the podcast "Die Dortmund week", there are doubts about Werner in the leadership of Borussia Dortmund.

Although BVB basically deals with a possible transfer of the attacker and sets "internal considerations", but "not everyone of this idea is convinced". The reason for the concerns could be the million package, the Werner would probably cost.

According to Berger, the FC Chelsea would not put a stone in the 26-year-old, he should want to leave the club in summer. However, the blues so far also demanded a considerable transfer fee of "40 million euros upwards".

There are also Werner's salary claims. In London, the striker currently allegedly collects 16 million euros a year. At BVB, Marco Reus is aimed at a salary of twelve million euros in top earners.

Werner's contract at FC Chelsea is still dated until 2025, yet he could seek the longitude in the summer, as it comes too rarely beyond his role as a reserve. In addition, he is "Dortmund week1" according to the game system of the blues.

Timo Werner and N'Golo Kante!!

What role does the sanctions play against Abramovich?

However, it is not yet decided whether Werner wants to leave his club. In the near future, trend-setting discussions should take place. What role the sanctions against club owners Roman Abramovich play is also unclear.

Currently, the club can not conduct any transfer or contractual calls, the future of the entire club is currently more than uncertain.

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Werner is mostly used at FC Chelsea as Joker. According to "kicker", because of its lush salary, it could come to the fact that the FC Chelsea the attacker "may not afford anymore".


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