BVB: Real Madrid presents Haaland new salary model

The betting fee for BVB star Erling Haaland is in full swing. Three clubs should have already presented concrete numbers to the Norwegian and its attachment. Real Madrid has now alleged these numbers once again.

Who in the poker around Erling Haaland at the end will be the surcharge, is far from clear. Sure is: The receiving club will need to take a lot of money in hand to convince the Norwegian from a signature.

Real Madrid now goes new ways in this regard and has presented a new salary model according to Spanish media. Thus, the Catalan newspaper "euros" reports from a package that should consist of a total of three parts.

The first part is the basic salary, which according to the report should be net at "only" twelve million euros net. There are then two bonus levels, which hit with ten million euros gross to book.

Could Real Madrid actually sign both Mbappe AND Haaland this summer? The release of the first ten million euros should be a kind of self-runner, ie already with the lowest conditions. With these ten additional gross millions, Haaland would increase its net salary to 17 million euros (about 36 million euros gross).

Title should bring Haaland another millions

The release of the second ten bonus millions is "euross" already a bit more complicated and hangs together with the gain of titles. Should Haaland achieve this goal with the team, his net salary would be increased by another five to a total of 22 million euros.

This second bonus distinguishes the offer of the royal right now from the offer of Manchester City. The English top club offers Haaland currently "only" a gross salary of 36 million euros. If one expects both real bonuses, but the madrilenes offer him a gross salary of 44 million euros.

Raiola and Father Alf-Inge Haaland are 30 million each

At the same time, both clubs are determined to fulfill the demands of Consultant Mino Raiola and Father Alf-Inge Haaland. You are allowed to look forward to the receipt of 30 million euros each - whether it draws the striker in summer to Madrid or Manchester.

The last word is also not spoken by the improved offer of the royal far. Allegedly, the club of Pep Guardiola has firmly tried to take every offer of competition. Until the first messages on a mancity offer in the amount of 44 million euros per year, it should only be a question of days.


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