Elden Ring: Get the icy Beil early in the game and clearly clears up in Limgrave

Teared start in Elden Ring? You prefer to have a slight game with the opponents in Limgrave, and have a weapon with - in the truest sense of the word - "cool" effect? Then you should get the icy Bedl. This is easy and without a single fight. The STAT requirements are pleasantly low and the Beil is uncannily powerful in the starting area.

The icy Beil and its advantages

Dwarum The icy Beil is so useful: The icy Beil has several advantages. It is generally a strong gun with pleasantly fleeting Moveset. Especially powerful but especially the RAURIFFÄRFFER , ie the L2 attack, which she brings. This freezes the floor over a large area in front of your character.

The attack can be applied to a relatively large distance to capture multiple opponents at once and causes great damage to most enemies and again damage when the frost effect is reaching correctly. Nice side effect: The frost tunes the enemies and also gives you time.

Elden Ring - Walkthrough Part 5: Murkwater, Agheel, & Limgrave Mines Low Stat requirements: In contrast to most weapons, which are initially really strong, the icy Bedl just takes 11 points to strength and 16 on skill. With the starting values ​​of the warrior or the warrior, for example, you have just a level in strength, with Samurai's investing a level in skill.

You do not know what? Here we tell you the most important places on the map to start:

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Elden Ring: Where to go first?


How to get the icy Beil

Go to Liurnia: The frost weapon is found in the second area, Liurnia . This is accessible and accessible from the beginning without killing a single opponent. But you should have a storm wind already to be able to cope with the slightly longer way in the saddle.

Rides, towards the castle storm veil, but then right past, under a large bridge. You land at the end of a broken bridge, but when you look down, you discover a path that leads to the left of the bridge and leads on a path. Just follow the way to get to Liurnia.


Out of Limgrave by Liurnia


Beil snap: Now you have to go to the temple district , left below the Great Castle, the Academy of Raya Lucaria. You have to cross the big lake in the northwest direction.

Tip: Are you close to the card fragments, they will be displayed on the map. If you get you you, the orientation becomes easier. Also activates all graces on the way.


Screenshot Map


The icy Beil is located in a chest in a small tower, as you can see on our map and screenshot. Do you have it, then nothing like back to Limgrave! You will be amazed, how much easier the dungeon bosses and even the tree watcher or margit will become.

become even stronger

Incidentally, if you want to get more powerful, you can improve the Beil with Dark Members . A Dark Members 1 will be drooped by a golden glowing ball (Skarab) on a cliff to the right behind the church of the Dragon Communion , which you reached after you have completed the dungeon on the beach in Limgrave.

The icy Beil also scales with strength and skill. So it is worthwhile to invest the runes from derived dungeon boss fights in these stats. Also, Runes for the Spirit Stat extend, which extends your manal stribe, and to collect the golden seed for more bottles, worth it, as the RAURIFFÄRFFER FP consumes.

Do you have a buck, your opponents with the icy Beil the hell hot... avenu... to let?