Free next week: Epic gives you a real strategy

Mark the next Thursday in red in the calendar. Coming week Skin Epic Games in the on-site online shop Total was: Warhammer completely free. For fans of the Total War series an absolute must!

Strategy Highlight for Lau - Epic Give away Total: Warhammer

Epic games does not always hit the black with its free games. But in the next week there is a real strategy highlight in the online shop for PC players: Total was: Warhammer .

In the total-War clouding in the Warhammer universe you are 5 different fractions available: Bretonia, the empire, the dwarves, the vampire chairs and the green skins. Each group offers different advantages and disadvantages and can command unique units that call special skills and skills.

The game focuses on the proven two large game elements: round-based construction strategy phases , in which your troops maneuver on the big world map, forging alliances with other factions and further expanding your fortifications.

  • Total was - Warhammer in the test

If there is a battle, If the game changes either in a real-time mode , which allows you to experience the battle and give your troops instructions that can decide between victory and defeat. Anyone who knows the weaknesses of his enemy, which uses the terrain to his advantage and always keeps the overview, even skirmishes can decide with strong troops for themselves.

Total was: Warhammer watching the Epic Games Store

_Ein first impression of the game you get, if you look at the trailer shipyard: _

That awaits you this week

Until next week Thursday digital flipper enthusiasts come to their costs. Epic is currently giving away demon's tilt an interesting pinball game , in the PC player, which have already been played on Windows XP Space Cadet back and down, what you have played, what you still have on the box.

Your goal is to keep the digital metal ball in the game as long as possible and keep your highscore upwards. According to the description, Demon's Tilt also releases the game with some shoot-em 'up and hack & slash inserts .

See Demon's Tilt in Epic Games Store

THIS is How CA Should have FIXED Warhammer 3 from Day One _Afor, Demon's Tilt is not for epileptics! In the shrill pinball game it flashes everywhere in all colors of the rainbow. Who does not that matter, can take a look at the official trailer: _


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