GTA 5: Here is the launch trailer to celebrate the output on PS5 and Xbox Series

It is today on finally spell GTA V on the so-called Next gen 'consoles that are the PS5 and the Xbox Series X | S, and of course, Rockstar Games has planned to celebrate this day with a launch trailer. Quite short (30 seconds barely), the video shows us a Los Santos in different ways, in order to make us appreciate the visual novelties brought by this dynamic lighting, the ray-tracing and full of other technical readjustments. Besides, just go to YouTube to see comparative videos blooming everywhere and find that the promises are there. So obviously, it is above all small details and not a complete redesign of the game, but the game is displayed under its best clothes. Here is a reminder of the new technical possibilities offered by these versions there:

  • FIDELY MODE : 4K native, 30fps, no ray-tracing (4K upscaped on Xbox Series S)

GTA 5 and GTA Online - Official PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Launch Trailer

  • Performance mode : 4K dynamic, 60fps, ray-tracing disabled. (1080p on Xbox Series S)
  • Performance mode RT (exclusively on PS5 and Xbox Series X): 4K dynamic, 60fps, ray-tracing activated.


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