How to make a drink bergstrom in Lost Ark

Bergstorm Drink Location in Lost Ark | Arthetine Cooking Locations Guide Bergstrem's drink in Lost Ark requires the players to advance quite far in the main plot line of Arttines. If you unlocked the dungeon of Dr. Bergstrom's laboratory in the Tortich area, you can do it, otherwise it is impossible to scream this drink.

Where to find ingredients for Beergstrom drinks?

Yellow Potor Dr. Bergstrema

As soon as you enter the Dr. Bergstrom laboratory, you will be marker on your map. It is in the same area as the mark above. Go to it, and then explore the technique on the south side of the marker. Here you will find the first ingredient.

Berghstrom Invisibility Potion

After you get access to Power Core Room, you will find the next ingredient. Go to the biological laboratory from the Power Core room. Once you get to the place marked above, you will need to explore the shelf with papers and gears on it. Take both of these ingredients to the cooking master.

Where is the master cooking?

The master of cooking is located on the southern side of the region of the origins of Stern, in particular, in the market area. You can find it next to the Tavern Sturdy. Bergstrem drink costs 1700 silver and both ingredients.

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