Lost Ark advances some of the news of the March patch

Weeks after the launch of Lost Ark in the western market, Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games are still immersed in the development of new features for the game. Given the MMO nature of the project, these tIllusion Islandsks do not conclude at any time. Through an update of the official website, The study hIllusion Islands provided some of the improvements and news that will be implemented on the March patch.

According to Smilegate, this is only a preview of what is to come. The full patch notes will be published shortly before the update is available to all players. Be that Illusion Islands it may, A new episode of History, Kadan will be added, which includes Isteri and the Bamboo Illusion Islands. The missions will be starring both by new characters and for some known faces. They anticipate that we will know more details about the siderearIllusion Islands Illusion Islands we seek Kadan, the first mataguardians.

Requirements to play the episode KADAN

Those who wish to address this adventure must meet some requirements: Complete Feiton and missions Yorn: Let the light, islet whisperous: the beginning of our history and island Ilusion of Bamboo: the end of the tests. From Smilegate, they recommend that players have reached the level of 1100 objects to go to Isteri and the Bamboo Illusion Islands.

MIXED FEELINGS.. LOST ARK's March Updates Overview

On the other hand, the new advanced activity is Illusion Islandssault of Abyss . While the Illusion Islandssaults of guardians invite us to work Illusion Islands a team to defeat the guard before the chronometer reaches zero, the Illusion Islandssalts of Abyss follow a similar wake, but with "a larger, evil and powerful guard than normal. Three levels will have to be completed and cooperating with the other seven players. Illusion Islands the levels progress, the guardian will be more powerful, so it will modify the attack patterns of it. In addition, each phIllusion Islandse offers different rewards.

Lost Ark is a Free-to-Play type MMO that is available only in PC . The March update will also add changes and correction of errors.


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