Next to that flight shooting appeared! "Sky Gambler: Air Splemacy 2" PS4 / Launched for Switch

Flight shooting fans are famous " Sky Gambler " series series, but this new work has appeared in the consumer machine.

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy Gameplay Walkthrough (Android, iOS) - Part 1

ATYPICAL GAMES, which is active in the iPhone, has started delivery of " Sky Gambler: Air Splemacy 2 " on March 24. Targets can be purchased at each online store with PS4 and Nintendose switches.

This " Sky Gambler: Air Splemacy 2 " is a sequel to " Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy " with the latest Flight Shooting " Sky Gamblers " series distributed with iPh1. increase. Following the previous work, the player manipulates a contemporary fighter and will be able to clear a variety of missions by relying on weapons such as missiles, rockets and engine guns.

From the video introduction video, you can see that you can create a missile from Weapon Bay or a stall and an hour-motion, such as an hourly race machine such as an hourly race machine.

In addition to the four types of loadouts for 18 types of fighters, there is also a work that can be played by one or more people, such as responding to the online match of 7VS7 in addition to the campaign mode consisting of all 14 missions.


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