PS5 complaint successfully: Saturn pulls the shorter after a year

The delivery chaos at the launch of the PS5 has disappointed many gamers to be tremendously disappointed - it even came to a lawsuit through consumer protection. After a year, the PS5 court proceedings was now ended in favor of the consumer center.

The Launch of the PS5 has caused a gigantic chaosntic chaos at the end of 2020 for gigantic chaosntic chaos and with many gamers for powerful trouble - also because traders were completely overwhelmed by the customer's tower and in the early days partly more orders have been included as consoles in stock. This situation led last end to a court process between the Consumer Center Saxony and MMS E-Commerce GmbH , the operator company of the online shops of Saturn and MediaMarkt. Now the court has endured in favor of the consumer guards.

PS5 complaint: Court decides per consumer protection

The case before the Munich district court refers to a Saturn customer, which has ordered a PlayStation 5 at Saturn in September 2020, but has not received an order confirmation. Nevertheless, he got the request to transfer 499.99 euros, only to learn later that was not available on the console at the specified delivery date .

The consumer protection center Saxony has argued that in these cases the payment of the purchase price has been required by the customers without it being apparent how long the sum would be retained. According to the consumer protectors, "misleading business acts" and "consumer protection practices" would be the same.

On the other hand, Saturn argued that had not been completed before sending the order confirmation, no official purchase contract , which was anchored in the company's terms and conditions in a clause. That's exactly this clause, however, was prohibited by the judicial object.

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PlayStation 5: Delivery Chaos could go into vocation

While the General Court has made a judgment regarding the terms of the terms and conditions, could the PS5 action quite in vocation . This option releases both the MMS E-Commerce GmbH and the consumer protection center Saxony, which had also criticized another clause for order acceptance. This states that Saturn could reject an order if the goods are not in stock at the time of ordering. In this case, the purchase price would be refunded immediately to the customer. However, the district court of Munich had nothing to complain about this clause.

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