They give a prison to Pokémon's Card Scammer

In recent years, the value of the letters of Pokémon increased considerably and not even the pandemic was enough to prevent collectors from continuing them to consume. In fact, stores at United States even had to suspend your sale after some users even threaten others with firearms. And now, a notorious scammer has been sentenced to three years in prison.

When the pandemic was unleashed a few years ago, USA. I was offering economic support for people who had lost their jobs by Covid and that really needed money. Because you may remember the case of Vinath Oudomsine , a man of Dublin, Georgia who said that his business was bankrupt and later used this money to buy a valuable letter of Pokémon . For the bad luck of him, the authorities realized and opened a research folder for the case.

Oudomsine pleaded guilty, so they sentenced it to three years in prison under the charge of fraud. When the investigations began, it was predicted that Oudomsine could pass up to 20 years in jail for this crime, but because he pleaded guilty, and among other factors, he sentenced him only three years. What letter was you purchased? As a Charizard valued at $ 57 thousand dollars.

DO I HAVE A 100% COMPLETE BRILLIANT STARS POKEMON CARD BINDER? [opening] Editor's note: For this kind of thing is that we can not have this type of privileges. And surely there will be many other people who committed similar fraud, but they have not caught them yet. Hopefully with this, people start to take more seriously these aids offered by the government, and use them for real emergencies.


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