Where to find the hidden story "Shushir boys" in Lost Ark

Shushire BOYS is a hidden story in Lost Ark, which players can pass without much stress and anxiety, even if it is designed for time. Parts of the "Hidden History" are in the village of Ragennce in Shushire, so there are no monsters around, which complicate the task.


All Shushire Hidden Stories Lost Ark

first hidden history

The first hidden story is located on the Bella Tower Square, north of the Hungry Harbor and west of the Twilight Alley. You are going to enter a small angle on the side. Instead of going to buildings, go to the ruins with faded trees and spares. Pass all the way to the end of this path to see the wall free of obstacles. Explore the wall, and the timer will start from 20 minutes.

Second hidden history

To find the next one, you will need no more than 20 minutes. Go to the employment agency. The site is south of Bell Tower Plaza and southwest of the village circle. The exact place we indicated above. Near the building there is a tree. Take the wood mouse until the place to investigate will appear.

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