Elden Ring expert explains: That's why two of the most important figures are one

Behind our journey through the intermediate land is a complex story. In the story to Elden Ring, external gods, mighty runes await us, and above all mysterious characters with firm beliefs and hidden motivations. Souls Lore expert Vaatividya explains us what could be behind the strange connection between two of the most important - if not, the two most important characters could be stuck.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for figures and boss fights from the endgame of Elden Ring.

Plottwist at the end of the game

Elden Ring Lore: The Omen Curse and the Primordial Crucible | Lore Explained It's about it: Queen Marika, appointed to the goddess and representative of Eldenring, is the central figure in the intermediate country. However, we learn at the beginning that it has been untraceable for some time and only meet at the last boss fight of the game.

Confusing Cutscenes: In the Cutscenes, which then follow, you should probably be cleared that Marika and Radagon - the boss we are fighting - no ordinary couple, as we previously reported. Finally, we first see Marika, but then to Radagon to oppose us. Maybe this has rather confused than enlightened.

A section of Vaatividya's new video is called "Radagon is Marika" and presents theories as that can be:

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We know that about Marika and Radagon: Marika was chosen as I said to serve the Eldenring - and thus an external higher God that influences the intermediate land over the ring. Radagon is a war hero. He met Renalla, the leader of the magic academy, in the fight, fell in love with her and took her to the woman. We can already hear in Liurnia when we talk to Miriel, the "Pope Turtle".

Marika also had another partner. At a certain point of history, however, both Marika and Radagon turned away from their lover and instead to each other.

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Radagon is Marika

Already before the last boss struggle there is a clear indication that Radagon and Marika are not only a few but one and the same person. Vaati shows a secret that can discover her in the context of an NPC quest. A statue of Radagon is transformed by a revealing magic at once into a portrait of Marikas. Also, Miriel points out.

Two theories: Vaati then presents two theories as that can be.

  • Theory 1: Radagon became a part of Marikas at a certain point of history and is merged with her to a person, so to speak.
  • Theory 2: Radagon has always been part of Marika, which has split at a certain point and became a physical person.

Some dialogs of Melinas in which she cites Marika rather point out that Marika and Radagon used to be two different individuals who fused together:

O Radagon, golden order loyal dog, you still have to be to me.

But other story components give rise to believing that Radagon is a part of Marikas, who eventually adopted a physical shape. Wir erfahren nämlich, dass alle Halbgöttinnen und Halbgötter direkte Nachfahren von Marika sind. Dass Radagons erste Partnerin, Renalla, eine Halbgöttin geboren hat, sieht Vaati daher als möglichen Hinweis darauf, dass Radagon ein Teil Marikas ist.

Darauf deutet auch eine weitere Zeile Miriels hin, in der er sich wundert, warum Radagon Renalla verlassen hat und wie ein einfacher Held Gemahl der Göttin Marika werden konnte.

Raum für Interpretation

Wie so oft, serviert uns FromSoftware die Antwort nicht auf dem Silbertablett, sondern lässt Spielraum für eigene Interpretationen. In den Kommentaren diskutieren Fans die verschiedensten Theorien.

Unter anderem wird vorgeschlagen, dass Radagon ursprünglich von den außerweltlichen Göttern gesendet und mit Marika verschmolzen wurde, um sie besser zu kontrollieren oder dass Marika und Radagon die Manifestationen zweier unterschiedlicher Wesenszüge derselben Person sind. Andere Fans denken, dass Marika Radagon, einen Teil von sich, separiert hat, um mit diesem Renalla zu verführen und Kontrolle über die Akademie zu erlangen.

Are you asked now: How did you interpret the thing with Radagon and Marika, and what do you think of Vatis two theories?


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