How to solve a rebellious puzzle "Color me" in LEGO STAR WARS SKYWALKER SAGA

Yavin 4 is full of little secrets and puzzles, and this is the perfect place to risk and solve them, because you can change on any character you wish. The Color Me Rebellious puzzle with flip-tiles, in particular, may be a bit difficult for understanding at first glance, but will reward you with a kyiber brick and several coins if you decide it correctly.

How to solve a rebellious puzzle "Collect me" in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Check out the initial sample

First, you must check how the pattern looks originally. Your goal turn over all tiles To reveal blue and white the logo of the rebels. To do this, you need to step on the tiles in a specific sequence . A tile jump will change all the tiles around it on the opposite to the fact that they are currently, but save the one on which you jumped, without change. This is an important note that you should remember.

Turn the switch to reset, if necessary

It is easy to accidentally come on that tile, so if you need start first At any time you can quickly Switch this switch To reset them back to the initial template. Make sure you click the switch with the rebel symbol next to it.

jump on all angular tiles

To start solving a puzzle for the rebel symbol, you should start with hitting all four owned by angular details . Please note that every angular element is already rotated to white and blue sides. The jump on them will change three tiles around them.

Rate your template

After you press all four corners, take a step back and make sure your pattern now looks like this. All edges must be correct , displaying all white and blue tiles. While inner tile Everything should be red and black around the center itself.

jump on the central tile

Now everything you need to do is jump very central part , which should already be blue-white. Jumping on it, all red and black tile around it should turn over To finish the rebel symbol and complete the puzzle.

Collect your reward

When the puzzle is assembled correctly to show the colors and the symbol of the rebels, your Award From Cyber Brick and Coins will appear for the appropriate podium in front of the puzzle floor.

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