Little Witch In The Woods Castle Track Dated for PC - Ellie

Little Witch In the Woods gets the Early Access release next month. Developer Sunny Side Up Import Little Witch in the Woods gambling for PC players on May 16th. Ellie-wise for everyday life, such as the collection of materials, the creation of magic creases and the game focusing on the witches of the witches will first arrive at the Early Access stage. The full release of the PC and Xbox can be expected to take place next year.

???? YOUR NEXT COZY LIFE SIM | Little Witch in the Woods: English Demo Early Access releases the prologue and the first chapter, ie about five hours of content. The final publication in turn contains the prologue, three chapters and the rest of the full of 20 hours of content. * Witches to do this year - Little Witch in the Woods arrives in Early Access


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