OverVATCH 2: SOJOURN GAMEPLAY shows the new Cybernetic fighter (video)

The Publisher writes about OverVATCH 2: OverVATCH 2 Discover A new era of heroes has begun - united again to fight together. OverVATCH 2 is based on an award-winning gameplay with epic team fighting. The heroes of this world have to join together and make numerous threats anywhere on the planet. Your booty, collections and successes are completely transferred to OverVATCH 2.

Overwatch 2 New Hero Sojourn Revealed! | BlizzCon Highlights This means that you can keep everything: skins, player icons, sprays, emotes and more!

Overwatch players will be able to fight in PVP multiplayer modes side by side with Owatch 2 players and get access to maps and heroes from OverVATCH 2. To home page


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