Crysis 4 offers Hitman 3 director

Announced at the start of the year while Crytek was only starting to assemble a team, Crysis 4 found its conductor. Crytek announces indeed having recruited Mattias Engström, which comes out of a first experience of director with Hitman 3, the biggest success of the franchise.

While agent 47 must take a little rest to leave Io Interactive time to move forward on other projects, starting with Project 007, Mattias Engström puts an end to more than seven years of good and loyal service within From the Scandinavian studio to take on the role of director of Crysis 4 , whose title is not yet final. Designer of training levels, Mattias Engström also worked for Ubisoft Massive for 10 years.

Crysis 4 :Game Director Joins A Crytek Announcement.....@IGN

To get the position, Mattias Engström did not need to move to Frankfurt, in the headquarters of Crytek. Last month, Crytek announced the permanent adoption of telework for employees who wish, an option which also concerns the hundred positions to be filled. "_The personal working at home represents 80% of Crytek's workforce, remote work being already taken care of in the United States, India, Brazil, China, the Philippines and all over Europe", perhaps We read.


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