Dead Cells are going to make more affordable: they will add a car to the game

11 Dead Cells Tips We Wish We Knew Before Starting The developers from the Evil Empire studio, participating in the development and arbitrariness of Dead Cells, in an interview with the Twinfinite portal shared new details about future functions for popular cuckle, which will make it more accessible. We are talking about such things as auto-studies, the possibilities after death do not begin from the very beginning and other "help modes".

Although the developer team believes that Dead Cells should be “tough, but fair”, but on the basis of “many reviews” she realized that the decent part of the players such “experience” was not available for various reasons, therefore it was decided to introduce such options.

Howon also said that they are developing "many options regarding management" and various improvements of the user interface, including the color, size and type of font.

Currently, all these modes and options are at the alpha testing stage, and it is still unknown when the developers will introduce them to Dead Cells.


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