Deck construction rogue light "Super Barrett Break" to save online games around the world "Super Barrett Break" Steam/PS4/2022 summer distribution decided! [Indie Live EXPO 2022]

PQUBE is a steam (Windows/Mac)/PS4/Nintendo Switch for the strategy game " Super Barrett Break ", which was handled by BEXIDE in "Indie Live EXPO 2022" distributed on May 22 We announced that it will be delivered in summer.

This work is a deck -based turn -based rogue -like trody game that can resolve unknown reasons in online games around the world and save the future of the game. Originally developed by BEXIDE for mobile, this is a title that was being developed as a console version of the strategic pulling shooting "Barrett Break". It was renewed.

Players can play with three protagonists, "Akari", "Hikaru", and "Violet", which have its own characteristics, and have a variety of plays, from solid styles that emphasize stability to technical styles that make full use of combo. You can enjoy it. In addition, there are seven types of online games that appear in the game, including romance simulation, rhythm games, and shooting. These are treated as one stage, and they will proceed with the story while fighting the enemy.

In the battle, all characters fight using more than 160 units, Barrett. The bullet can be enhanced by attaching a "cart" with various abilities, and we will build a customized bullet and build a deck. Barrett can be acquired by turning gacha in the shop, but there is no billing element in this system. The predecessor, "Barrett Break", was a free item billing system, but this work has been a good title. In addition, it seems that there are various ways to obtain Barrett, such as purchasing at Giga, which can be obtained in the game, a battle reward and a treasure chest on the map.

"Super Barrett Break" will be distributed in the summer of 2022 for Steam (Windows/Mac)/PS4/Nintendo Switch. The trial version is being distributed on Steam.


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