Relive the history of dead cells with the Legacy update

Dead Cells is the gift that continues to give. For example, the game has obtained an inherited update which allows players to review the old versions of the software. You know, just in case you have a weakness for beta or version 1.0. The update also contains correction and similar elements, listed below:

-Or and the cells are now collected over an unlimited distance by default. Therefore, this affix has been deleted from the game. -A new skill has been added, ice armor. Covers your body with exploding ice, freezing enemies, when you reactivate competence or after a few seconds. If you take a blow when it is still active, you do not undergo any damage / discomfort and the ice explodes, but the recharge time is doubled.

-One new shield was added: the ice shield which, surprised, freezes all the enemies around you during a successful parade. The adorned projectiles will also taste enemies. -FROSTBITE, a new survival mutation, has been added, transforming the "slowed down" status at a point in addition to its usual effect. -Cold Blood, a survival mutation, has been added. Reduces the recharge time when you touch a mixture of the idle, rooted or frozen. -A new skin, honoring our grandpa great coach of Rennes with white beard, was added. -The meat skewer was reworked, the first strike of the combo rushing and piercing through the crowds. The attack which attacks then inflicts critical damage to the enemies pierced by the first blow. -The front line shield has been reworked, it now gives you a boost to the damage during the scrums after a successful parade -The flash whip does more damage and also inflicts damage to enemies close to the target (currently 50%).

Dead Cells Review (v2)

Not only do players get the current corrected and ready to switch, but they can travel over time before the nerves, so to speak. If you are the kind of player who remembers when the game has not been so burst, it will be perfect for you. In addition to this, future versions will be included in this functionality. Whatever the version of Dead Cells you find out is your favorite, this is the version you can continue to play.

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