Tips for the beginning or return to Hearthstone Mercenaries

Since Hearthstone Mercenaries is very different from the traditional Hearthstone, this may seem frightening. You will understand why this mode has added this mode in Hearthstone and how to improve it with a little help.

Tips for Hearthstone mercenaries

Pay attention to the textbook

You can easily lose concentration when you tell you how to play the game, but that would be a mistake. Several messages and the passage of the first mission of your mercenaries make up a mini-teacher. But a real textbook is all the time that you spend on filling your hub. Parts of your concentrator will be filled and explained to you as they are configured. You should pay attention to these moments, because all of them are crucial when you get into the PVP, which is the main goal of the mercenaries.

have a greater plan than just the next enemy

From the outside it may seem that the game is simply waiting for its turn to attack, but you need a strategy. Make sure that you first destroyed the strongest enemy, and use the abilities of the area to finish off enemies with a low level of health. Spend more time thinking about the battle in general, and not just about one or two phases. To get this right, it takes more than a handful of Bounty, so actively try to think through your battles.

Try PVP on top of the awards

Despite the fact that the awards are an important part of Hearthstone Mercenaries, the main goal is PVP. It may be seduced by ignition of PVP, since the main game is so focused on PVE, but as soon as you start doing PVP, you will understand how much more you can get. PVP gives much more rewards and experience, and you will quickly pass your awards if you play for several days.

fighting pit is PVP, even if it doesn't seem so

Entering the fighting hole, you will notice that the enemy is a bot, not a real player. Although you might think that this is not a PVP, it is normal to start in this way. To find out who you can compete with, the game must check your skills. Even if it is long battles, go through them and expect you to encounter a bot at least three times before you encounter a person.

Hearthstone Mercenaries Everything You Should Know! | A Beginners GUIDE & TIPS

Get an award for the task

The awards for tasks are easy to ignore, because it takes time to get them, and the game does not actually show how to do it quickly. Go to your fire in the main center and scroll down. There you will find your award.

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