Where to farm the cotton yarn in V Ringing

To make cotton yarn, you first need to grow cotton on cotton farms in V Ringing. You can find cotton farm places throughout Dunley Farmland. Before the cotton is to farm, we recommend making a weapon that increases damage vegetation such as iron slasers or iron sword . You can make both weapons through forges which you can unlock by killing the Quncy The Bandit King.

As soon as you build a forge, make an iron sword or iron slasers, and you will be ready to grow cotton in V Rising. After growing raw cotton, you can make a cotton yarn by placing raw cotton in loom . But before you can turn raw cotton into cotton yarn, you need to unlock the weaving machine.

how to unlock the weaving machine in V Ringing

To unlock the weaving machine, you need to kill ** Beatrice of the tailor in the village of Dawn in the Dunel farm area. After the murder of Beatrice, you can make a weaving machine using the following resources:

  • 20 boards
  • 12 copper ingots
  • 4 woolen thread

How to use cotton yarn in V Riding

If you want to use cotton yarn in V Rising, you can do this using it to make the following items inside Bench for sewing clothes :

  • Hunter cloak
  • Breastal armor of an empty fang
  • Hold the empty fang
  • Boots of an empty fang
  • Hurry gloves

The best places for growing cotton in V Ringing

If you want to grow cotton in V Rising, you can do this either in the wild or on various cotton farms. Both methods are good, but cotton farms are the best option for growing. Speed and convince . V Rising also has eight places where you can find and grow cotton. Seven of them are cotton farms, and one - woodpecker dunels where you can find not only cotton, but also boards , copper ingots and horses . Nevertheless, look at the image below, where you can find all the best places for growing cotton in V Riding.

How Cotton Yarn is Dyed | The Crochet Crowd

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