[Early Play Report] How many absurd gags can I find if I play AI: Somnium File Nilvana Inisiative for one hour?

On June 23, 2022, AI: Somnium File Nilvana Inisiibi ** was released. This work is a new adventure game in which Kotaro Uchikoshi, who worked on the ZERO ESCAPE series, will be the scenario.

In this work, in the era, we investigate a strange incident while traveling and going through the viewpoints of the two protagonists. We aim to resolve the case by going back and forth between the orthodox point and click method of the point and clicking method, and the somnium part that interacts and investigates the character in the dream world.

There are many things to see, such as a strange incident that can not be straightforward, a cute character designed by Kozaki Yusuke, but the absurd surreal gag that will not be involved in the main line at all, and the bottom story that suddenly gets in. One of the great attractions of textbooks.

Therefore, in this paper, we verify how much absurd gag and lower story appearing in the scenario main part appear in the play of about 1 hour from the start of the game. Play from the prologue to the first somnium part. The elements that are spoiled are omitted as much as possible, but please be careful if you want to play with fresh feelings because you will touch the early development and gags that are prepared.

Surghanism Part 1. Indian Quiz

In this work, when you start a new game, the story begins with the scene appearing on a quiz program. While the protagonist and the player are puzzled, a blue shadow moderator, such as Kamai no Night spoken in the Kansai dialect, What is the spirit of living in the Orchestra that appears in Indian mythology?

This quiz has a cursor operation and a tutorial of options, but the choice of the quiz is exquisitely difficult. I didn't understand and answered, so when I answered, Date-san, the main character of the previous work, the moderator was treated coldly, What?

absurdity 2 ・ Moderator whose face is too square

When the scene changes several times, it will be in the quiz program scene again. This time, the blue shadow of other people has become a character model. The first thing you can see is the male of the moderator. His name is Andes Yoneji (stage name). He is a comedian.

It's his face, but for some reason it's a super-square. It is not the dimension of a slightly square skeleton face. However, in the range I played, there was no tsukkomi or explanation in this square... It doesn't seem to be completely irrelevant to the incident, but despite being not the main character, it seems that it takes a lot of time to make a character model...!

absurdity 3 ・ Strong detective of astringent voice

At the beginning of the game, there is another person called Ushidaji, a strangely rich character. His characteristics, who belong to the Police Department of the Criminal Division Investigation Division 1, is not a sub-character a bitter voice. The gestures of talking to dandy and dandy are strangely impactful. ABIS, a secret organization in the Metropolitan Police Department, to which the protagonist belongs, is sparse from the Investigation Division 1, and Ushi-ji also sons and dislikes the protagonist.

He has a strong appearance, such as a beard, sunglasses, and a punch perm, so if he is poor, it may be as impressive as the main character...?


Surghang Part 4 ・ Double the energy, semi-panman !

It is a natural psychology of gamers that you want to choose the strange options shown in the game. Therefore, it is not strange to choose the mysterious option of semi-panman ** in a serious murder site.

If you choose Half-Panman, the main character of the adult, Ryuki, suddenly Double the energy! Half-panman!! Shout. A nearby police officer is worried that I don't think my heart is healthy...

Surghangia Part 5 ・ The bottom story of Tama

The self-supported AI Tama, a partner, who dwells in Ryuki's left eye, is a favorite of the lower story. When he was ridiculed by Ushigera that he did a pillow work, he returned his face, saying, What does it mean! At the time, I talked with a sexy voice, saying, I'll tell you the forty-eight ways of the investigation, and I can find a gap anyway.

When you become a human figure in the somnium part, it looks like a de S lady-like style, and you can expect a loose material that will be relaxed after the beginning.

Surghangia Part 6 ・ Reika-chan

Old drum can and giant stone lanterns displayed at the top of the screen... The main character, Mizuki's buddy, is aimed at the main character of the previous work AI: Somnium File. I will express Reika-chan, a hostess, like this.

Reika-chan did not come out in the range she played, so she remains a mystery what kind of woman she is... she feels like worshiping once.

Surghangia Part 7 ・ Suddenly sharp Tama

Ryugi asks Andes Yonji, but she leaks, I've never heard of my name and doesn't sell much. However, Tama is furious at the words of Ryugi's heartless words. Don't say that it's not selling lightly, octopus!

That should be it, Tama's hobby is watching comedy videos. Yoniji's gag, which is not very interesting to the general public, seems to be the best laughter for Tama.

Surgent Really 8 ・ You can sing and dance.

Six years later, in the Mizuki edition, the half-body corpse found in the Ryugi edition six years ago can be found in a brand new state that is not rotten. Mizuki tries to report it to Ryugi, but Ryugi is soaked and cannot talk properly. Therefore, we will enter the somnium part that sneaks into the consciousness of Ryuki.

In the world of Ryugi's dream, dive! I was enthusiastic, but suddenly pop BGM played. Aibu performed a song and dancing of idols, saying, ♪ Kimi-ma-ma-do! Mizuki's evaluation is It was like a freshly caught sweet shrimp.

Surgent itself 9 ・ Mirror...

The big attraction of Somnium part, which operates the ibu and examines various objects, is that we can give strange instructions. Mizuki, who saw the mirror in the interrogation room, instructs me, I'm, of course, but ask someone in the world.

If you are thrilled to whom the mirror will be reflected, the person will be reflected in the mirror (check with your own eyes!). It is a scene where you can feel too sloppy.

Surghang It is OK for Ryugi in a dream?

Somnium world is a dream world. That means you can do anything there. Try to get rid of the guilty of Ryiki, It's a painful strategy if you are kind when you're burned, and try to appeal to your emotions, or try it.

He happened to commit assault and kicking off with a round-trip slap. In the strange space in the somnium world, there is no problem to play with Ryiki regardless of the main story.

Surghangia Part 11 ・ Avo becomes dull when drunk

Aibu drinks the brandy found in the Somnium world with a bottle. She is drunken with a unique call saying Pu ~. Apparently, it seems like a type that makes you troublesome when you get drunk, and you say Mizuki, stride, while taking a strange pose, Design! And dull involved in Mizuki. Sometimes in the real world like this...

As a result of the verification, I was able to find 11 absurd gags and lower stories in 1 hour. ** Because it was early, of course, I came across a serious phase, but I guess it is still a high pace as a screw of gag elements. I can expect to increase the number of absurd gags as the game becomes the actual performance, and even those who are not good at serious glue and gross scenes, I felt that it was easy to play with a funny gag scene.

AI: Somnium File Nilvana Inisiiibi is on sale for PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam/Windows 10).


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