European game show 'Game Spom 2022', preparing for holding in August


-Expecture of more than 80% of the booth area compared to 2019

-16 national views, including the Korean Pavilion, the US Pavilion, the Australian Pavilion and the European countries

-Colecious attractions and events: Opening Night Live, ESL E-Sports Tournament and Various Theme Zone

-In unlimited entry without proof of Germany, Germany, corona documents

-Ticket Shop Open: Purchasing Digital Tickets on the homepage

Europe's largest game show, GameCom 2022, will be held offline in Cologne, Germany in three years in August. Gamescom, the largest event in the game industry, which will be held for five days from August 24 to 28, has been recruited in April and has already booked a booth area of more than 80% compared to 2019.

250 leading industries in the world-related software and hardware have applied for, and companies such as Samsung Display, Neowiz, and Line Games have applied for participation in Korea. In addition, the Korea Creative Content Agency will operate a large Korean pavilion this year. In addition to the Korean pavilion, 16 national views are operated, including the US Pavilion, Australian Pavilion, Japanese Pavilion and various European Pavilions.

Various attractions and events

▲ Opening Night Live

One of Gamescom's representative events is the opening night live. More than 30 industry expectations were introduced, and 6 million people were watched in 2021 through live streaming. Jeff Kali, the founder and host of The Game Awards and Summer Game Fest, is in charge of ONL's host, and this year, it will be held in the first hole of Cologne Market from 8 pm on August 23, the day before the official Games.

▲ Games Studio

In Gamescom Studio, a variety of programs, from demonstration videos to demonstrations, demos, news, and interviews, will be filmed in real time, from demonstration videos to demos, news and interviews. In 2021, Michael Sweets of the American Game Webzine IGN Igzine introduced more than 40 indie game expectations through the Awesome Indies Show, and various programs including the show will be held this year.

▲ ESL E-Sports Tournament

ESL Gaming's e-sports tournament, a global e-sports game company, will be held at the event arena in the Gamekom Exhibition Hall this year. More details will be provided later on the official website of the Gamesk.

▲ Various community zones

From Indie Games, Retro Game Zone to Family & Friends, and Costume Village, the Gameskom exhibition hall is divided into various themes.

Germany can be freely entered without a separate corona proof document since the 11th, and all corona defense rules such as wearing masks have been released, except for public transportation facilities and hospitals.

Tickets can be provided online after entering the exhibition hall after purchasing online. Currently, online ticket shops will be opened, allowing you to purchase both B2B trade visitors and B2C general visitors.

For more information on Gamescom, you can contact the Cologne Messe official Korea Representative Line Messe.


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