HD-2D remake version Live Alive trial version is now available. You can play the early stage of Bakumatsu, Kao edition, and SF

Nintendo and Square Enix announced in the Nintendo Direct Mini 2022.6.28 that the trial version of the remake version Live Alive (LIVE A LIVE) has started. Of the seven stories recorded in the product version, you can play the early stage of Bakumatsu, Kao, and SF.

LIVE Live Alive is a roll-playing game for Super Nintendo released by Square (now Square Enix) in 1994. It features an omnibus-style story where multiple protagonists appear, and has requested a famous manga artist for character design for each edition. Naoki Ikushima of Square Enix is in charge of character graphics in the remake version Live Alive. In addition to using an HD-2D that combines 3D effects and dot paintings, it is a remake that makes use of the charm of the original version, such as full voice of gorgeous voice actors and full arrangement of music.

In the trial version that was now available today, you can play the early stage of Bakumatsu, Keno, and SF. The Bakumatsu edition, in which the secrets of stregrantment and ragged, infiltrate the enemy's residence, is a scenario that can play a wide range of plays from sneaking to the enemy's deadly. You can go while hiding and hiding, or defeating all enemies.

Keno, which is the old teacher of Shinyama Ken and selects the successor, is a scenario where you can enjoy the royal road battle with the aspect of training games. It is also recommended to worry about who to choose from the three disciples at the trial version. The SF edition, which depicts the discorders of the spaceship crew from the viewpoint of the robot cube, is a serious scenario with a strong suspense color. I want to pay attention to the tragedy and human patterns that occur one after another.

Live Alive is a content that has a different hair color, even with the scenario included in the trial version al1. Only the introduction of each scenario can be played in the trial version, but save data can be taken over to the product version. Less than a month until release, and if you can't wait, please play.

The remake version Live Alive will be released on July 22 for Nintendo Switch.


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