One Piece Odyssey already has a new trailer with Ape D. Luffy and lots of mysteries under his arm

Eichiro Oda writes the story of this brand-new JRPG This new trailer has allowed us Bandai Namco as a legendary experience to experience the world of One Piece. All this with a tale signed by mangaka.

Bandai Namco He has actually not wished to miss the Summer Game Fest and has made a look with among his many expected games specifically by the anime followers, given that it is One Piece Odyssey, the JRPG Based In the excellent manganime of Eichiro Oda .

Without further information, One Piece Odyssey has actually reaffirmed its release day in 2022. It will certainly be launched on computer, Xbox and PlayStation. Taking advantage of its advertisement, in 3Dgos we prepare an unique about the 7 most powerful pirates of One Item that we have seen on video games. We likewise laid out to produce the most effective feasible One Item game.

One With couple of information connected to the kind of difficulties that we will find in the experience, the trailer has allow us see several of the personalities that we will recognize unscathed Odyssey and also the beasts against those we will certainly combat in the skin of the team of Thousand Sunny , which has actually wound up stranded on a weird island.


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