Where to find the thirteenth heart of the giant in the tower of fate in the lost ark?

When playing Lost ARK, you can look for various collecting items to receive awards. Of these objects of collecting, one of the most interesting is the hearts of giants . They can be described as precious stones, which are the heart of a giant who fell empty during the war. You can purchase these collecting items in various ways, as indicated in collection items list. You can also use them to unlock various awards by visiting Island of wisdom and talking with Minerva .


The thirteenth heart of the giant is one of the simplest that you can get from all fourteen. In order to get it, you need to perform 35th floor belonging spire of fate the tower dungeon.

Where to find the dungeon of the tower of the spire of fate in Lost Ark?

One of many events in which you can participate in Lost ARK is called the tower. These are dungeons that can reward you with various awards when you go up to higher floors. There are two different dungeons in which you can enter, and the level of the subject 802 is required to enter the FATESPire. The floor 35 strongly recommends that you reach the 980th level of the subject before trying to do it.

Having fulfilled the above requirements, you can get the thirteenth heart of the giant. You do not need to do anything to accept this and tie it to your character.

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