Announced the sound fetishim ASMR Food Experience. Plenty of beautiful sounds that melate the brain at the restaurant

Publisher Gameparic and Playway announced ASMR Food Experience on July 14. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam), and the release time is undecided.

ASMR Food Experience is an ASMR restaurant management simulation game. ASMR is a pleasant sensation that occurs due to stimuli to hearing and vision, such as linen or zoku. It is also popular as a genre such as videos, and voice content such as whispering voice and sound that cuts a kitchen knife is gaining popularity. In addition, restaurant preparation scenery seems to be popular as content that satisfies both hearing and vision. In ASMR Food Experience, it focuses on vision and hearing, and seems to be able to enjoy such ASMR as much as you want.

In this work, the player becomes the owner of a small restaurant. The restaurant of this work has many pleasant sounds and sights. It is beautiful if you listen to the sound of the bell in the doorway door and the rubbing sound of entering the order on the slip with a pencil. Even if you take one order of coffee, you can enjoy rich water sounds such as the sound of water flowing into the kettle, the sound of hot water, the sound of boiling, and the sound of hot water softly falling into coffee beans. There are even more sounds in cooking. It seems to be full of delicious sounds, such as the fragrant sizzle sound that bake the fillet in a frying pan, the sound of cutting the tomatoes of moisturized pripri with a sharp kitchen knife, and the sound of soda dancing in the glass. In addition, such a cooking scenery looks visually comfortable.


In addition to this work, there are various types of sounds, such as nature, cleaning, conversations, and environment sounds in the city. Such audio groups can be controlled by players. In addition, players seem to have to do their job as a restaurant owner. Elements that enhance the popularity of restaurants have been suggested. Through a series of restaurants such as customer service and cooking, they will be in contact with various sounds. It is said that the interior of the restaurant can be customized to the player's preference.

ASMR Food Experience will be released for PC (Steam).


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