Escape from Tarkov kills have actually climbed by 136 % compared to the last clean

If we create these stats with those contrasted to the last patch and also clean we can see that the eliminates have increased by enormous 136 % on a large front. This means that 0.12.12 resulted in the fatality of even more players than in the past. Usec eliminates increased by 163 %, while Bear-Kills increased by 139 %- a massive boost.

This choice also suggests that the usage has an overwhelming benefit in the kill graphes. During the patch, Usecs killed more than 173 million gamers. This fades compared to the 88 million bears killed.

0.12.12 Patch data #escapefromarkov

  • Battlestate games (@bstategames) 1. July 2022

In the course of the spot, Usecs eliminated even more than 173 million players. If we create these statistics with those contrasted to the last patch and also wipe we can see that the kills have climbed by enormous 136 % on a vast front. Usec eliminates increased by 163 %, while Bear-Kills rose by 139 %- a huge increase.


Another chapter in the history of Retreat from Tarkov was completed last week when the game reset the progress of everybody as part of the extinguishing process. In order to celebrate the success of those that participated in December 0, 2012, Battlestate Games has currently published some data that reveal that UseC players are fairly fierce in the battle and even more than ever before.

According to the data that were shared on the authorities networks of the game on social networks, the majority of gamers (68 %) determine to the Usec side to the Bear Team (32 %). This is possibly due to the reality that this is the team of political election among English-speaking players, which will most likely change in the future, because Bears have English-language dialogue alternatives.

It is clear that more people played the game than in the previous patch, the statistics additionally give an understanding into the complicated nature of the last. Only 51,642 as well as 116,055 players reached maximum stamina or endurance this time, which just demonstrates how difficult this removal shooter can be.

Nevertheless, given that the new patch rotates the abilities, new card development and also new managers, the statistics of Next Wipe could attract an entirely various photo of the hardcore shooter-and that is the wonderful feature of getaway from Tarkov.


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