How to go through an entrance exam in the second mission in Escape Academy

Escape Academy asks you to go through a quest room, and each is filled with puzzles and tests that you must overcome. Each mission offers unique riddles and tips that will help you run away, but they can still be difficult. Below is a guide on how to complete the second mission of the entrance exam in Escape Academy.

Step first-Director's name

Despite the passage of the introduction, you were not completely accepted in Escape Academy. You must undergo an entrance exam, opening Full name of the director - first , the middle and also the last . This can be a rather difficult task, so you will need all your wit. Be sure to follow your time.

Step Second-Desktop and Name

Getting the name is quite simple, but requires some creative thinking. Take the key from the director's handbag next to the door. Use this to open a locked box in the director of the director. Here you will find a photo and learn a person in a fox mask as a director. The name is higher-Sandy, which will be Sandra at the input. Take a screwdriver here.

Step Three-receipts and portfolio

You will notice a locked portfolio on the table in front of the book shelves. You need to find three receipts that represent hours , plant and trophy symbols. You can find these receipts on both sides of the book shelf and on the corner table between two chairs on the opposite wall. Enter the code 253 in portfolio to open it and show three photos.

Step Four-photos and books

Pay attention to the places and dates in the photographs, as they are your next hint. Go to Book regiment where books have the names of countries. You need to draw them order belonging to Dates of photos . It:

  • Egypt
  • Japan
  • Greece

As soon as you pull the books in this order, the secret door will open. Before entering it, go to the other side of the room and take the disk next to the clock.

Step Fifth-Discute, light bulb and the second name

Go through the secret door and insert the diskette into computer . This will show your next hint with the word dead . Go to piano to the left of you and press the keys by writing Dead. It will open and give you UV Light . Take it in showcase and insert it into the light. This will reveal the middle name, jacqueline .

Step sixth-Ventilation and surname

Return to the main room and go to the ventilation hole at the door. Use your screwdriver to open it and crawl inside. In the end you will see phone quantity 952-4242 . Return to the director of the director and call the number. Jeb will pick up the phone and accidentally give you the name Solange .

Step Seventh-Join Escape Academy

Go to the door and interact with the keyboard. Enter the name Sandra Jacqueline Solange open the door and escape. After that, the director will officially accept you at Escape Academy, where you can become a spy, thief, hacker and many others.


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