They find cockroach nest in a PlayStation 4

Something that must always be considered when placing a console is the place where it is placed, since it is preferable to place the device in a place free of dust, wet and vermin. However, sometimes there are not many options and space, so a user met terrible guests who decided to stay in their PlayStation 4 .

Through the Tiktok platform, the user known as Fix Games Chile shared a video in which a console PS4 arrived that had not been able to turn on in spite of being connected. So the reparator opened it in its entirety to discover something unpleasant, an established cockroaches nest that includes both dead and alive animals.

Here you can see it:


PS4 Slim console that arrives because it did not turn on possible cockroaches and we find a plague inside! #TecnicoTicoTecnico #ps4 #ps4gamer #ps4Pro #ps5 #ps5Console #ps5Controller #xbox #nintendo #nintendoswitch #plays #playstation #playstation5 #service technicop4 #maintenance #gamer #gamergirl


♬ Alan Walker-Faded (墨尔本版)-霸浩

The main reason why the PlayStation 4 did not serve was due to a specific case, and this is because a cockroach was dead on the plate, adhering to it and therefore preventing its ignition. The reparator indicated that these cases were not new to him, but this time the number of insects inside.

In the end everything had a happy ending, since the console was repaired without any problem, so the owner can continue enjoying the most important games of third companies and also exclusive. Although this event leaves a warning, which indicates that covering the consoles is essential, since leaving them to dust can imply that insects want a new home.


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