Wildflower Interactive: Co .

Bruce Straley is mostly known for his work with the titles of the Naughty Dog Studios. Now he opens his very own designer studio even after a break with Wildflower Interactive.

As a co-director, Straley played a role, particularly when developing The Last people or Uncharted. At Wildflower Interactive, he is given the duty of the Studio Supervisor, his new group explains himself on Twitter in basic words as excellent people who play good games.

Wildflower Interactive: Emphasis on Smaller title


In the statement video, which Straley shared by means of Twitter, he already makes it clear that one has already located an exciting companion who sustains the team. He is intended to aid Wildflower Interactive reach the broadest possible target market. What partners it is, nonetheless, stops working.

The group cordially welcomes you to use if you are interested in working with Wildflower Interactive along with Bruce Straley. Numerous vacancies can be located there that are situated in various locations. The workshop is currently working totally remote, yet according to the site, this might change in the future.

In another tweet of the workshop itself, the programmers offer even extra comprehensive understandings right into their job. There you write: We are a little group of big staff members who function hard on an awesome new game. As far as your very first video game is concerned, the studio explains that it targets at little titles that are creatively charged and distinctively stylized. The statement seems promising if you currently assume of indie hits like Ori and also the Blind Woodland, Limbo and Co..